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BIAS Sitemap

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This list also helps you navigate around the site and shows you how much we do, and how frequently we update our information:

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  1. About BIAS
  2. Membership- how to apply
  3. News (updated 5 June 2017)
    • News of Members (Updated 6 January 2017)
    • News from the Association for Industrial Archaeology
    • News from our Area Representatives
    • Museum News
    • Archived News (updated 31 March 2013)
  4. We are now on Facebook
  5. Events (updated 27 July 2017)
  6. Courses, conferences and events of interest to BIAS members (updated 1 October 2017)
  7. Index of our yearly research Journal (updated 25 May 2017) Volumes 1 to 10 now available on line
  8. BIAS histories BIAS histories are a new venture by the Society. We plan to reprint articles from back copies of the BIAS Journal and other sources on subjects of interest where the original source is no longer available (updated 28 March 2013).
  9. Planning general information (updated 22 December 2015). includes planning advice
  10. Photo gallery - all contributions welcomely received! (updated 30 July 2016) includes Clifton Rocks Railway, Medway Queen, MV Balmoral, docks, link to a 1902 film on the river between Clifton and Portishead
  11. BIAS pictures and news of the Suspension Bridge NEW (updated 28 March 2015)
  12. Brunel Prize to encourage research in industrial archaeology of the Bristol / Bath region.
  13. Bursaries to support research (updated 3 August 2013
  14. Achievements over the last 40 years (updated 7 June 2013)
  15. View from the chair from the bulletin, distributed three times a year (updated 20 August 2017)
  16. Projects (updated 5 June 2017), including
  17. Archive: Books, pictures and maps about Industrial Archaeology. (updated 3 February 2017)
  18. New Book reviews(updated 3 February 2017)
  19. Pages from the fascinating book 'Progress Commerce 1893: The Ports of the Bristol Channel; Wales and the West'. It contains details of local companies of the time. (updated 25 January 2015)
  20. 220 pages from Work in Bristol 1883 gives detail account of work processes
  21. Foundry Plaques(updated 25 august 2015)
  22. Requests for help - from members only (updated 22 July 2016)
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