The Somerset Coal Canal Caisson Lock Marlin Doughty & Owen Ward
journal_no 9 publish_date 1976

A Plan Identified (Cuckold's Pill) Amina Chatwin

Animal Powered Machinery in the Bristol Region Martin Watts

Steam in the Underfall Yard Tom Fisher & David Jones

The Bedminster Connection : Kingswood Coal - Part 3 Matt Southway

The Clandown Passbye John Robson

The Early Years of Stothert & Pitt Hugh Torrens

The Old Brass Mills, Saltford Joan Day & BIAS Survey
journal_no 10 publish_date 1977

Coalmining at Newton St Loe Graham Davis

Ropewalks & Ropemakers of Bristol Joseph Bryant

Bristol Industrial Museum Paul Elkin

The Grenville Steam Carriage Paul Elkin

The Port of Bristol Underfall Yard Tom Fisher & David Jones

The Quarries & Mines of Lundy C Schmitz

Tramroads in the Clydach John Van Laun
journal_no 11 publish_date 1978

Charfield Station Will Harris

Fullers Earth from Midford John Powell

Pumping Bristol's Water - Part 1 Peter Skinner

The First Railway Locomotive in the West of England (at Clandown) Robin Bluhm

The Mills of the Bristol Frome and its Tributaries Owen Ward

The Stone Industry at Bath Philip Wooster
journal_no 12 publish_date 1979

Pumping Bristol's Water - Part 2 Peter Skinner

The Elton Collection MA Elton

The Hydraulic System in Bristol City Docks Tom Fisher & John Powell

The introduction of the Telephone System to Bristol Monty Ellis

The Iron Industry in Wiltshire 1856-1939 Roy Day

Victoria Bridge, Bath D Hague
journal_no 13 publish_date 1980

Charfield Block, Tile & Brick Works Owen Ward & Will Harris

Cog Mill, Frampton Cotterell HB Hopkins

Ferro-concrete Roy Day

Tar Distillation at Crew's Hole R. Holland

The Limekilns of Clevedon G Yeates

The Victorian Building Industry C Powell

Winwoods of Bristol - Part 1 H Torrens
journal_no 14 publish_date 1981

Bristol Life-boat Museum G Barnfield

Bristol's Small Shops (Shopfronts) David Helps

Frampton Cotterell Mill H Hopkins

John Ward and the K&A Canal - Part 1 M Corfield

Steam Power in Bristol G Watkins

The Avon & Gloucestershire Railway C Clinker

Times of the Signs Roy Day
journal_no 15 publish_date 1982

19th Century Textile Invention in the West of England K Ponting

Bath Stone Quarry Railways 1796-1830 D Pollard

Hollybrook Bricks S Pippard

John Ward and the K&A Canal - Part 2 M Corfield

Joseph Harris in Bristol, 1748 P Wakelin & Joan Day

Trade & Working Conditions in Bristol, 1865 J. Bettley
journal_no 16 publish_date 1983

Alkali Production at the Netham R Holland

Ballooning in Bath HM Wills

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