The Somerset Coal Canal Caisson Lock Marlin Doughty & Owen Ward
journal_no 9 publish_date 1976

A Plan Identified (Cuckold's Pill) Amina Chatwin

Animal Powered Machinery in the Bristol Region Martin Watts

Steam in the Underfall Yard Tom Fisher & David Jones

The Bedminster Connection : Kingswood Coal - Part 3 Matt Southway

The Clandown Passbye John Robson

The Early Years of Stothert & Pitt Hugh Torrens

The Old Brass Mills, Saltford Joan Day & BIAS Survey
journal_no 10 publish_date 1977

Coalmining at Newton St Loe Graham Davis

Ropewalks & Ropemakers of Bristol Joseph Bryant

Bristol Industrial Museum Paul Elkin

The Grenville Steam Carriage Paul Elkin

The Port of Bristol Underfall Yard Tom Fisher & David Jones

Victoria Bridge, Bath D Hague
journal_no 13 publish_date 1980

Charfield Block, Tile & Brick Works Owen Ward & Will Harris

The Victorian Building Industry C Powell

Winwoods of Bristol - Part 1 H Torrens
journal_no 14 publish_date 1981

Bristol Life-boat Museum G Barnfield

Bristol's Small Shops (Shopfronts) David Helps

Frampton Cotterell Mill H Hopkins

John Ward and the K&A Canal - Part 1 M Corfield

Steam Power in Bristol G Watkins

The Avon & Gloucestershire Railway C Clinker

Times of the Signs Roy Day
journal_no 15 publish_date 1982

19th Century Textile Invention in the West of England K Ponting

Bath Stone Quarry Railways 1796-1830 D Pollard

Hollybrook Bricks S Pippard

John Ward and the K&A Canal - Part 2 M Corfield

Joseph Harris in Bristol, 1748 P Wakelin & Joan Day

Trade & Working Conditions in Bristol, 1865 J. Bettley
journal_no 16 publish_date 1983

Alkali Production at the Netham R Holland

Ballooning in Bath HM Wills

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