journal_no 45 publish_date 2012

Eighteenth-Century Enterprises in North Somerset Joseph Bettey

Recording of Two Cast-Iron Footbridges and Stone Chimney, Bath Lock Flight, K & A Martin Cook


The Brickyards at Oldbury-on-Severn and Littleton-on-Severn Philip and Dorothy Brown

The Newcomen Engine in the Greater Bristol Coalfield Steve Grudgings
journal_no 46 publish_date 2013

Bristol Tramways Generating Stations 1895-1941 Peter Lamb and late Marcus Palmen

Decommissioning Berkeley Nuclear Power Station: An Engineers View David Brown

I.K. Brunel and Netham Dam Dr Samantha Peel

Newcomen Engines in Bedminster. Some recent discoveries Steve Grudgings

University of Bristol Computer Centre: The First Fifty Years Maggie Shapland
journal_no 47 publish_date 2014

Easton in Gordano Water Mill- The mill that got away Mike Taylor

The cultivation of Teasels and their use in the West of England Cloth Industry Joe Bettey and Ken Rogers

Early Commercial Computing Ken Kemp

Ferris & Company Ltd The Late Paul Fry. Compiled by Mike Taylor and Maggie Shapland

An Analysis of the Steel Trusses in the Avon Bridge Widening, Bristol Ben Hellawell and Knonstaninos Voulpiotis

Engine House and Accumulator Tower, Prince St, Bristol Richard Grice and David Hardwick
journal_no 48 publish_date 2015

St Vincent's Spring, Avon Gorge- An interpretation of what survives from use of a thermal spring Paul Wood and Maggie Shapland

Bristol Chocolate 1730-1801 Rod Dowling

The Steamship Great Eastern A lesson in Project management Keith Hickman

The History of Dunkirk Mill, Freshford Owen Ward and Mike Chapman
journal_no 49 publish_date 2016

BIAS@50 - A Celebration Sir Neil Cossons

The Pre-History of BIAS: Informal Memories Brenda J. Buchanan

The Ingenious Mr. Padmore: Eighteenth-Century Polymath Tony Coverdale

Weston-super-Mare Electricity Supply Peter Lamb

Cleeve Mill and the Land Tax Assessments for the Parish of Hambrook, 1796-98 Owen Ward

The Story of Cross Manufacturing Company, Combe Down, Bath Cyril James
journal_no 50 publish_date 2017

Bristol's Roller Flour Mills Martin Bodman

John Pretor Pinney (1740-1818) and his Estate Managers Owen Ward

How BIAS, CHIS, Clifton Rocks Railway and the Brunel Swivel Bridge are helped by the Internet Maggie Shapland

Interview with Jack Shaw of Yate Steve Grudgings

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