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November 2017: published. Free to subscribed members (but will cost 3 to post). 9.95+ 3 post and packing. Can be picked up at BIAS meetings and Bath Museum of Work. More detail.
May 2017: Tony gave a talk about progress with the Gazeteer at the 50th birthday party of BIAS. It is hoped to be in print in the Autumn.

July 2016: It was agreed that to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BIAS we should publish an updated gazeteer, using updated data. Tony Coverdale offered to do it for us.

2010 We need help in collecting information for the BIAS survey of our industrial heritage. We want to know about every industrial site which has visible evidence of its past, within the old Avon county area.

Much effort has gone into the development of a database for holding this information and the for providing a method of submitting the information electronically by members. Once the database has been populated, then it is easy to extract the information from it for inclusion in a Gazetteer, and perhaps, later, adding the database on our web site so that it is available to a wider audience.

Please collect information either about your own locality or share your knowledge about your special interest. By sharing this activity, it will become a reality. YOUR SOCETY NEEDS YOU.

Please contact Ken Kemp who is co-ordinating the gathering of information: by email on Ken or telephone on 0117 932 3512.

For those without access to computers, we still need your help in visiting sites and reporting on them.

Historic Environment Record (HER). We may identify new sites, and need to check existing sites (on knowyourplace). This information is used by the planners. I am trying to identify HER for sites we had identified and submitted.

Sites listed below:

BIAS Gazetteer Sites Submitted to Database 30 May 2014

Authority Post Code Site Name Submitted byHER
Banes BA1 Kelston Brass Mill Kemp Ken
Banes BA2 Combe Down Stone Mines Tucker Alan
Banes BA2 Prior Park Cottages Tucker Alan
Banes BA2 Ralph Allen's Carriageway Tucker Alan
Bristol BS1 Central Electric Lighting Station Tucker Alan73M
Bristol BS1 Lewins Mead Sugar House Tucker Alan697M
Bristol BS1 Perry Road Tramways Depot Tucker Alan595M
Bristol BS1 Redcliffe Glass Cone Tucker Alan689M
Bristol BS1 Stokes Croft Carriagework Tucker Alan1466M
Bristol BS1 The Wool HallTucker Alan277M
Bristol BS2 Barton Hill Wagon Works Edwards Justin
Bristol BS2 Cheese Lane Shot Tower Tucker Alan305M
Bristol BS2 Christopher Thomas SoapworksTucker Alan603M
Bristol BS2 Jacob Street Brewery Tucker Alan5251M
Bristol BS2 Netham Steel Works Tucker Alan2288M
Bristol BS2 St Vincent's Works Tucker Alan2703M
Bristol BS3 Bristol-Congresbury Toll roadTucker Alan
Bristol BS4 Black Castle, Arno's Vale Tucker Alan1899M
Bristol BS4 Brislington Tram Shed Tucker Alan1851M
Bristol BS4 Bristol Commercial Vehicles Tucker Alan
Bristol BS4 Engine Cottage, Brislington Tucker Alan
Bristol BS4 GWR Railway -Birch Wood Kemp Ken
Bristol BS4 Three Lamps Fingerpost Tucker Alan
Bristol BS5 Great Western Cotton Factory Tucker Alan
Bristol BS5 Netham Chemical Works Tucker Alan2869M
Bristol BS6 Cheltenham Road Viaduct Tucker Alan
Bristol BS6 The Plaza/AcademyTucker Alan3296M
Bristol BS7 Horfield Tram Shed Tucker Alan 1825M
N Somerset BS23 Uphill QuarryTucker Alan
N Som BS23 Weston-Super-Mare Gaslight CoTucker Alan
S Glos BS15 Conham Sewerage Works Kemp Ken
S Glos BS15 Copper Works Conham Kemp Ken
S Glos BS15 Hanham Pit Kemp Ken
S Glos BS15 Hanham Quarries Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Bitton Pin Factory Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Dramway California Incline Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Dramway Keynsham Rd Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Dramway Londonderry Wharf Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Dramway Willsbridge Tunnel Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Golden Valley Paper Mill Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Hat Works Willsbridge Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Lynch Pit, Hanham Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Old Pit Golden Valley Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Painters Pit Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Swineford Copper Mill Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Swineford Iron Works Kemp Ken
S Glos BS30 Willsbridge Mill Kemp Ken
S Glos BS35 Cossham Hall Hickman Keith
Number of Submitted Sites in Database 48

BIAS Gazetteer Sites Still needing to be submitted to the Database 30 May 2014

Please check your postcode and help

Authority Post Code Site Name Grid RefHER
Banes BA Turnpike Trust cast-iron plate 742647
Banes BA1 Bath Gas Light and Coke Company 736653
Banes BA1 Bath Spa Station 753644
Banes BA1 Bath Tramways Company Depot 752653
Banes BA1 Green Park Station 745647
Banes BA1 Lambridge boundary post 763664
Banes BA1 New Bridge 717658
Banes BA1 Saltford Turnpike House 688665
Banes BA1 Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway 733645
Banes BA1 The Museum of Bath at Work 748656
Banes BA1 The Old Brass Mill 687670
Banes BA1 Turnpike Trust cast-iron plate 736654
Banes BA1 Walcot Brewery 754658
Banes BA1 Weston Mill 724648
Banes BA2 Baird's Maltings 758647
Banes BA2 Bathampton Bridge 774670
Banes BA2 Bathampton Down Quarry and Incline 777653
Banes BA2 Bathampton Mill 774670
Banes BA2 Bathampton Weir 774670
Banes BA2 Bayer's corset factory 748644
Banes BA2 Claverton Pumphouse 792644
Banes BA2 Cleveland Bridge 753657
Banes BA2 Cleveland House 758653
Banes BA2 Combe Hay Locks 744605
Banes BA2 De Montalt paper mill 736620
Banes BA2 Dundas Wharf and Aqueduct 785626
Banes BA2 Dunkirk Mill 785595
Banes BA2 Freshford Brewery 788602
Banes BA2 Greyfield Colliery 638587
Banes BA2 Hayeswood Colliery 658591
Banes BA2 Kennet and Avon Canal 764659
Banes BA2 Lower Bristol Road Mills 749644
Banes BA2 Marksbury Turnpike House 669640
Banes BA2 Midford Aqueduct 757605
Banes BA2 Midford Malthouse 764602
Banes BA2 Midford Viaduct 761605
Banes BA2 Newark Foundry 745645
Banes BA2 Prior Park Road millsite 757638
Banes BA2 Priston Mill 695615
Banes BA2 Pulteney weir and millsites 754648
Banes BA2 Radford Brewery and Maltings 672578
Banes BA2 Ralph Allen's workers' housing 755643
Banes BA2 Red Post Turnpike House 698572
Banes BA2 Sydney Gardens 758654
Banes BA2 The Halfpenny Bridge, Widcombe 753643
Banes BA2 Thimble Mill 754643
Banes BA2 Tuckingmill Viaduct 764616
Banes BA2 Twerton Mill 726647
Banes BA2 Twerton Station 729646
Banes BA2 Victoria Bridge 742650
Banes BA2 Widcombe flight of locks 754643
Banes BA2 Withy Mills Colliery Spoil Heap 662578
Banes BA3 Midsomer Norton Station 664536
Banes BA3 Radstock Collieries 706554
Banes BS31 Albert Mill 657678
Banes BS31 Avon Mill 657689
Banes BS31 Chew Mill 657685
Banes BS31 Keynsham Lock 659691
Banes BS39 Bye Mills 610638
Banes BS39 Litton Compensation Reservoirs 588554
Banes BS39 Old Mills Colliery 654551
Banes BS39 Paulton Basin 658576
Banes BS39 Paulton Foundry 657574
Banes BS39 Pensford Colliery 618625
Banes BS39 Pensford Viaduct 617638
Banes BS39 Publow Mill 625642
Banes BS39 Stanton Drew Turnpike House 596636
Banes BS40 Blackmoor enginehouse and chimney 548632
Banes BS40 Breach Hill obelisk 549604
Banes BS40 Chew Magna compensation reservoir 566633
Banes BS40 Compton Martin millpond 545570
Banes BS40 Eastwood Manor Farm 578551
Banes BS40 The Old Tannery 633645
Banes BS40 Tunbridge Mill 577629
Banes BS40 Ubley mill site 531591
Bristol BS1 Bathurst Basin 587721621M, 765M, 769M
Bristol BS1 Bristol and Exeter Railway Offices 5967241256M
Bristol BS1 Bristol Bridge 590729980M
Bristol BS1 Bristol Tramways Power Station 593729917M
Bristol BS1 Brunel House, 583728531M
Bristol BS1 Brunel Swivel Bridge 568724
Bristol BS1 Finzel's Sugar Refinery 592729280M
Bristol BS1 Harvey's Wine Cellars 584728
Bristol BS1 Old Temple Meads Station 595724543M
Bristol BS1 Prince Street Bridge and Prince's Wharf 586723406M
Bristol BS1 St Augustine's Reach 586728
Bristol BS1 Temple Meads Station 597725543M
Bristol BS1 Temple Meads tramways track 659724
Bristol BS1 The Wool Hall 593726277M
Bristol BS1 Tobacco Bond Warehouses 568721
Bristol BS1 Totterdown Basin and Locks 599723
Bristol BS1 Welsh Back and Redcliff Back warehouses 5907241472M
Bristol BS10 Reinforced concrete railway bridge, 546798
Bristol BS10 Stratford Mill 5627843149M
Bristol BS11 Avonmouth Docks 512780
Bristol BS11 Avonmouth Port & Pier Railway 564735
Bristol BS11 Cast-iron footbridge, 5457732523M
Bristol BS11 Lamplighter's Ferry, 526763
Bristol BS11 Sea Mills Dock 550759
Bristol BS11 The Powderhouse 5377651738M
Bristol BS15 Hanham Mills 648700
Bristol BS15 Hanham zinc smelter and brass works 635718
Bristol BS15 Pin Factory 6407391842M
Bristol BS16 Pin Factory 6447591842M
Bristol BS16 Whitwood Mill 6257652317M
Bristol BS3 Ashton Gate Tollhouse 5737173280M
Bristol BS3 W D and H 0 Wills Tobacco Factory, 5887182055M
Bristol BS34 Filton Aeroplane Works 591783
Bristol BS5 Ashton Swing Bridge 5687212053M
Bristol BS5 Bathurst Basin 586721621M, 770M
Bristol BS5 Bedminster Bridge 590720758M
Bristol BS5 Crew's Hole coalworks 6297291817M
Bristol BS5 Crew's Hole Tar Distillery 6287281848M
Bristol BS5 Lysaght's girder bridge 6037172115M
Bristol BS5 Lysaght's suspension footbridge 6107192146M
Bristol BS5 Netham Lock and Weir 6167272289M
Bristol BS5 The Old Poorhouse 6237382674M
Bristol BS5 The tidal Avon and New Cut 610719
Bristol BS5 Tramways Depot and Power Station, 6237351893M
Bristol BS5 Troopers Hill Chimney 6287321897M
Bristol BS5 Vauxhall Footbridge 5767212052M
Bristol BS6 Railway Bridge 588746
Bristol BS8 Albion Dockyard 5767241236M
Bristol BS8 Canons Marsh Gas Works 5817241175M
Bristol BS8 Canons Marsh 0
Bristol BS8 Clifton Observatory 5667331793M
Bristol BS8 Clifton Rocks Railway 566729
Bristol BS8 Clifton Suspension Bridge 5657311792M
Bristol BS8 Cumberland Basin 570723
Bristol BS8 Entrance Locks 568723
Bristol BS8 Goldney Tower 575727
Bristol BS8 Hotwells Dock 574724
Bristol BS8 The Underfall Yard 572722
Bristol BS8 Victoria Pumping Station, 577737
Bristol BS9 Tram Depot 573766
N Somerset BS20 Lodway Brewery 523759
N Somerset BS20 Pill Creek 526761
N Somerset BS20 Portishead Dock and Pier 474770
N Somerset BS20 Portishead Power Station 474774
N Somerset BS20 Portishead windmill tower 458767
N Somerset BS21 Clevedon Pier 401719
N Somerset BS21 Kenn windmill tower 411696
N Somerset BS22 Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Light Railway 380658
N Somerset BS22 Worle Hill windmill tower 352632
N Somerset BS23 Birnbeck Pier 308624
N Somerset BS23 Uphill windmill tower 317583
N Somerset BS23 Weston-super-Mare Gas Works 323616
N Somerset BS23 Weston-super-Mare Railway stations 324610
N Somerset BS40 Blagdon Pumping Station 503600
N Somerset BS40 Blagdon Station 504596
N Somerset BS40 Felton windmill tower 515649
N Somerset BS40 Kentshire millsite 545649
N Somerset BS40 Littleton Gunpowder Mill 551644
N Somerset BS40 Rickford millpond 488593
N Somerset BS40 Sandford Limekilns 420590
N Somerset BS40 Winford ochre workings 535638
N Somerset BS40 Winford Pipeline Aqueduct 544649
N Somerset BS40 Wrington Mill 467620
N Somerset BS48 Chelvey Pumping Station 474679
N Somerset BS48 Colliery enginehouse 459705
N Somerset BS48 Colliery enginehouse 479708
N Somerset BS48 Gatcombe Mill 522701
N Somerset BS48 Kingcott Mill 515698
N Somerset BS48 Lower Barrow Mill 523686
N Somerset BS48 Nailsea Glassworks 477708
N Somerset BS48 New Colliery or Farlers Pit enginehouse 477698
N Somerset BS48 Tickenham Pumping Station 429717
N Somerset BS49 Yatton Junction 424661
S Glos BS15 Boot and Shoe factories 6447432510M
S Glos BS15 Cock Road engine house 658728
S Glos BS15 Douglas Motorcycle Company 647733
S Glos BS16 Brandy Bottom Pit 682772
S Glos BS16 Bristol & Gloucestershire Railway 646758
S Glos BS16 Bullers Pit or Church Farm Deep 668763
S Glos BS16 Carson's Chocolate Factory 668753
S Glos BS16 Frenchay Flock Mill 642773
S Glos BS16 Frog Lane Colliery, 687816
S Glos BS16 Hambrook Brickworks 635805
S Glos BS16 Hambrook Malthouse 645799
S Glos BS16 Mangotsfield Station 666754
S Glos BS16 Parkfield Colliery 690777
S Glos BS16 Pucklechurch balloon sheds 698760
S Glos BS16 Pucklechurch Tollhouse 688758
S Glos BS16 Ram Hill Pit 677803
S Glos BS16 Shortwood Brickworks 679769
S Glos BS30 Avon and Gloucestershire Railway 662698
S Glos BS30 Bitton Mill 682698
S Glos BS30 Bitton Station 670703
S Glos BS30 Bitton-Wick-Oldland direction stones 666704
S Glos BS30 Cherry Gardens Tollhouse 673706
S Glos BS30 Crown Colliery 673735
S Glos BS30 Doynton Mill 719744
S Glos BS30 Swineford Dyewood/Colour Mill 691692
S Glos BS30 Warmley Station and Signal Box 671735
S Glos BS30 Warmley Works 670728
S Glos BS30 Webbs Heath Colliery 680737
S Glos BS34 Harry Stoke Colliery 619786
S Glos BS35 Lower Buckover farm wheel 666910
S Glos BS35 New Passage Pier 544865
S Glos BS35 Old Passage Ferry 563890
S Glos BS35 Thornbury Station 638897
S Glos BS36 Frampton Cotterell iron mines 669819
S Glos BS36 Frampton Cotterell windmill tower 673814
S Glos BS36 Hat Factory 667815
S Glos BS37 Algar's Manor Mill 676831
S Glos BS37 Celestite Works 706853
S Glos BS37 Chipping Sodbury Quarry 725826
S Glos BS37 Cider Mill 667742
S Glos BS37 Cow Mills 722825
S Glos BS37 Engine Common 699844
S Glos BS37 Yate Limekilns 705858
S Glos BS40 Littleton Mill 557638
S Glos GL11 Golden Valley Ochre Works 706731
S Glos GL11 Nibley Mill 692824
S Glos GL12 Charfield Mills 723930
S Glos GL12 Charfield Station 723922
S Glos GL12 Cromhall Engine Colliery 692889
S Glos GL12 Falfield Mill 686933
S Glos GL12 Falfield windmill tower 684930
S Glos GL12 Huntingford Mill 716935
S Glos GL12 Whitfield Example Farm, 684916
S Glos GL12 Wickwar Cider Factory 725890
S Glos GL12 Wickwar Malthouse 724887
S Glos GL9 Acton Turville Tollhouse 809808
S Glos SN14 Castle Farm 772744

Industrial Site in the Bristol Historic Environment Records

Details can be seen using
Authority Post Code Site Name Grid RefHER
Bristol BS1 Acraman's Iron Foundry 588721 3213M
Bristol BS1 Aerated Water Manufactory 595731 5135M
Bristol BS1 Aladdin Gas Holder 595727 1563M
Bristol BS1 Ames, Wright & Clayfield's Sugar House 586731 742M
Bristol BS1 Bacon Curing House 594731 5130M
Bristol BS1 Baldwin's Cross Mill 588728 1019M
Bristol BS1 Barilla Mill in the former Crypt of St. Lawrence Church 587731 388M
Bristol BS1 Beaufort Foundry 592734 5075M
Bristol BS1 Boot and Shoe Manufactory 590736 1072M
Bristol BS1 Boot and Shoe Manufactory 592731 5116M
Bristol BS1 Boot and Shoe Manufactory 587731 1111M
Bristol BS1 Boot and Shoe Manufactory 593734 5074M
Bristol BS1 Brewery 593722 1631M
Bristol BS1 Brick Yard Pool 599727 979M
Bristol BS1 Brickyard 594727 1393M
Bristol BS1 Brickyard 578723 1224M
Bristol BS1 Bristol Gas Light Company Gas Works 595727 1583M
Bristol BS1 Brush and Bellows Factory 591730 1724M
Bristol BS1 Campbell Iron Foundry 592725 1164M
Bristol BS1 Canon's Marsh Gas Works 579725 698M
Bristol BS1 Carriage Manufactory 581728 5506M
Bristol BS1 Castle Mill 592732 1020M
Bristol BS1 Cathay Brewery 591721 1633M
Bristol BS1 Cathay Works 592722 1311M
Bristol BS1 Central Electric Lighting Station 593728 73M
Bristol BS1 Child's or Limekiln Glasshouse 579725 772M
Bristol BS1 City Saw Mill 583724 1263M
Bristol BS1 Cocoa Manufactory Frys factory (number 3) 589732 5408M
Bristol BS1 Colthurst and Harding's Oil and Colour Works 593723 1313M
Bristol BS1 Confectionary Works 588733 5394M
Bristol BS1 Daubeny's Sugar House 588732 386M
Bristol BS1 Duffet's Redware Pottery 595726 1146M
Bristol BS1 Edwards Ringer & Co. tobacco manufactory 591725 1196M
Bristol BS1 Engine house associated with excavation of New Cut 577721 759M
Bristol BS1 Engine House 578725 1379M
Bristol BS1 Engine Works 592732 1306M
Bristol BS1 Everard Printing Works 587731 249M
Bristol BS1 Factory, later the Corporation Electricity Department 586731 878M
Bristol BS1 Floor Cloth Manufactory 596722 1329M
Bristol BS1 Floor Cloth Manufactory 594722 1309M
Bristol BS1 Forges on site of later New Gaol 585721 764M
Bristol BS1 Fry's Chocolate Factory (No.1) 589732 3290M
Bristol BS1 Fry's Factory 589731 887M
Bristol BS1 Fuller's Carriage Works 581727 605M
Bristol BS1 Gasometer 585733 1109M
Bristol BS1 Gasometer 581725 1175M
Bristol BS1 George's Brewery 591729 753M
Bristol BS1 Glass Bottle Manufactory 594725 1170M
Bristol BS1 Governor House 580725 1112M
Bristol BS1 Great Western Tannery 578723 1225M
Bristol BS1 Guinness Cells 583721 1705M
Bristol BS1 Guppy's Sugar House 592733 1375M
Bristol BS1 H. D. Pochin & Co. Ltd. Alum Works 595727 1147M
Bristol BS1 Harwood and Blackwell's Sugar House 591729 280M
Bristol BS1 Hat, Cap and Felt Factory 592731 1305M
Bristol BS1 Hort's Sugar Refinery 590725 1345M
Bristol BS1 Imperial Saw Mills 574721 1617M
Bristol BS1 Iron Foundry in Boars Head Yard 582728 5512M
Bristol BS1 Iron Foundry 592733 5435M
Bristol BS1 Iron Foundry 593725 1161M
Bristol BS1 Iron Foundry 593725 1160M
Bristol BS1 Iron Foundry 594727 1158M
Bristol BS1 John Wright (The Stonebridge Press) 586731 877M
Bristol BS1 Kater's Sugar House 590729 754M
Bristol BS1 Kiln at Limekiln Dock 578725 762M
Bristol BS1 Lee's Marble and Slate Works 584725 898M
Bristol BS1 Lewin's Mead Brewery 588733 918M
Bristol BS1 Limekiln Lane Pottery 579726 3225M
Bristol BS1 Limekiln 593727 1124M
Bristol BS1 Limekilns at Temple Gate 594723 1330M
Bristol BS1 Llewellin and James Brass Foundry 592731 1373M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse in Boards Head Yard 582728 5513M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 578722 1226M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 595725 1156M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 595729 1628M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 590724 1635M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 593727 1159M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 589736 1492M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 592722 1310M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 594725 1151M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 589736 1071M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 586733 1110M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 590725 1115M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 596730 5220M
Bristol BS1 Malthouse 595725 1150M
Bristol BS1 Mill at Bridewell 589733 1021M
Bristol BS1 Mineral Water Works 590740 1615M
Bristol BS1 Oil and Colour Manufactory 592731 1303M
Bristol BS1 Oil and Colour works 592725 1162M
Bristol BS1 Oil and Colour Works 589732 5404M
Bristol BS1 Old Hall 592728 285M
Bristol BS1 Old Mill House 578725 1378M
Bristol BS1 Parchment Manufactory 594722 1308M
Bristol BS1 Perrott's Glasshouse 593724 994M
Bristol BS1 Phoenix Glasshouse 593724 1534M
Bristol BS1 Portwall Lane glasshouse 592724 1500M
Bristol BS1 Powder magazine at Tower Harratz 596726 1187M
Bristol BS1 Prewett Street Glass cone 592722 604M
Bristol BS1 Price's Pottery 592726 446M
Bristol BS1 Prince William House 585731 3218M
Bristol BS1 Printing Works 593724 1163M
Bristol BS1 Purifier House 579725 1716M
Bristol BS1 Quay Warden's Office and Engine House 585727 745M
Bristol BS1 Rankin's Sugar House 588721 282M
Bristol BS1 Redcliff Brewery 590726 1117M
Bristol BS1 Redcliff Caves 589723 1026M
Bristol BS1 Redcliff Corn Mill 589726 1118M
Bristol BS1 Redcliff Gate Glass Works 590724 689M
Bristol BS1 Redcliff Mill 589724 784M
Bristol BS1 Redcliff Wharf Glass Works 589723 691M
Bristol BS1 Ring's Ohio Tobacco-Pipe Manufactory 595727 1148M
Bristol BS1 Rope House 589727 679M
Bristol BS1 Rope Walk at Canons Marsh 582725 950M
Bristol BS1 Ropeing House 595727 672M
Bristol BS1 Ropewalk at Back Avon Walk 595725 997M
Bristol BS1 Ropewalk 579724 1282M
Bristol BS1 Rowe's Leadworks 584725 1199M
Bristol BS1 Samuel Taylor's Glasshouse 593723 787M
Bristol BS1 Saw Mills 595727 1157M
Bristol BS1 Shot Tower 590723 273M
Bristol BS1 Smithy in Boars Head Yard 582728 5511M
Bristol BS1 Smithy on Old King Street 591733 5424M
Bristol BS1 Smithy 581726 1371M
Bristol BS1 Smithy 586726 1092M
Bristol BS1 Smithy 591734 5440M
Bristol BS1 Smithy 577728 1417M
Bristol BS1 St. Thomas Street Glass Works 591725 690M
Bristol BS1 Starch Works 591726 1444M
Bristol BS1 Stay and Corset Manufactory 593725 1169M
Bristol BS1 Sugar House north of Lewin's Mead 586733 1407M
Bristol BS1 Sugar House north of Nelson Street 587732 1406M
Bristol BS1 Sugar House 586732 697M
Bristol BS1 T. and J. Perry & Co. Carriageworks 591740 1466M
Bristol BS1 Tea-packing factory 576721 3320M
Bristol BS1 Temple Back Glass Works 592728 688M
Bristol BS1 Temple Back Pottery 593727 86M
Bristol BS1 Temple Gate Corn Mill 593723 1632M
Bristol BS1 Temple Gate Pottery 593723 660M
Bristol BS1 Temple Pottery 594727 1145M
Bristol BS1 The Ropewalk 583721 760M
Bristol BS1 Timber Yard off Philadelphia Street 593732 5120M
Bristol BS1 Tobacco factory 590724 1116M
Bristol BS1 Tobacco Manufactory 591724 3219M
Bristol BS1 Tramway Generating Station 592729 917M
Bristol BS1 Trin Mill 587722 669M
Bristol BS1 Trin Mills mill pond 587721 984M
Bristol BS1 Venus Glasshouse 593724 995M
Bristol BS1 Vinegar works 590726 1119M
Bristol BS1 W. D. & H. O. Wills Tobacco Factory 590726 1114M
Bristol BS1 Warehouse and sail loft 585724 608M
Bristol BS1 Water Lane Pottery 594727 87M
Bristol BS10 Coal Pit on the east side of Charlton Road 639745 2692M
Bristol BS10 Limekiln at Southmead Quarries 579772 1915M
Bristol BS10 Limekiln 568782 1913M
Bristol BS10 Limekiln 581789 1909M
Bristol BS10 Old Limekiln 570784 1931M
Bristol BS10 Quarry 130 metres south of Doncaster Road 582778 2832M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Brentry Hill 573784 2481M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Brentry Hill 573783 2482M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Brentry Hill 573785 2480M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Charlton Road 583791 2478M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Doncaster Road 582779 2831M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Knole Lane 580791 2492M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Knole Lane 582792 2477M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Shetland Road 586782 2483M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at Standon Way 581789 2479M
Bristol BS10 Quarry at the eastern end of Coombe Hill 565781 2405M
Bristol BS11 Bent Timber Yard 594734 1087M
Bristol BS11 Great Western Cabinet Works 594734 1066M
Bristol BS11 Great Western Saw Mills 593734 1067M
Bristol BS11 H. M. Factory 523795 2743M
Bristol BS11 H.M. Henbury 524802 3233M
Bristol BS11 Late Bronze Age possible saltmaking site at Kites Corner 534800 2972M
Bristol BS11 Limekiln at Avonmouth Dock 511778 2503M
Bristol BS11 Limekiln in a quarry north of Kings Weston Road 546774 2519M
Bristol BS11 Malthouse off Meadow Street 595734 5079M
Bristol BS11 National Filling Factory No.23 530815 2750M
Bristol BS11 Quarry at the east end of Penpole Wood 530773 2392M
Bristol BS11 Quarry at the east end of Penpole Wood 531773 2390M
Bristol BS11 Quarry at Quarry Lane 550784 2142M
Bristol BS11 Quarry at the east end of Penpole Wood 530773 2391M
Bristol BS11 Quarry to the south of Lawrence Weston Road 551784 2079M
Bristol BS11 Saw mill 594734 1088M
Bristol BS11 Smithy at Clayton Street 513781 3174M
Bristol BS11 Smithy 532767 2821M
Bristol BS13 Limekiln at Headley Lane 579692 3061M
Bristol BS13 Mill near Paye Bridge Road 565677 2078M
Bristol BS13 Possible Mill on Pigeon House Stream 581686 2083M
Bristol BS14 Limekiln 609690 2361M
Bristol BS14 Limekilns at Hengrove Farm 603695 2358M
Bristol BS14 Quarry at Hengrove Farm 602695 2359M
Bristol BS15 Belgium Pit 635743 2196M
Bristol BS15 Boot and Shoe Factory 643739 2754M
Bristol BS15 Boot and Shoe Factory 643741 2511M
Bristol BS15 Clay pit to the north of Two Mile Hill Road 644740 2014M
Bristol BS15 Frenchay Mill 637772 1831M
Bristol BS15 G. B. Britton and Sons Boot and Shoe Factory 643741 2510M
Bristol BS15 Hollybrook Brick Works 637745 2507M
Bristol BS15 Pin factory 640738 1842M
Bristol BS16 Brickyard at Frenchay Close 640770 2596M
Bristol BS16 Coal pit at Forest Road 636753 2601M
Bristol BS16 Coal pit on the west side of Alcove Road 625753 2595M
Bristol BS16 Coal pits at Lodge Causeway 638748 2604M
Bristol BS16 Curtis Mill 621764 1834M
Bristol BS16 Engineering factory 631754 1896M
Bristol BS16 Forge at Frenchay Close 639769 2600M
Bristol BS16 King's Mill 631767 1830M
Bristol BS16 Lathbury Mill 618759 1835M
Bristol BS16 Limekiln at Blackberry Hill Hospital 628762 2905M
Bristol BS16 Pountney's Bristol Pottery 628752 1829M
Bristol BS16 Probable quarry at the junction of Manor Road and Snowdon Road 626760 2589M
Bristol BS16 Quarries at Bracey Drive 642768 3188M
Bristol BS16 Quarry at Frenchay Close 639770 2599M
Bristol BS16 Quarry at Frenchay Close 639769 2598M
Bristol BS16 Quarry at Frenchay Close 639769 2597M
Bristol BS16 Quarry between Manor Road and Small Lane 624761 2585M
Bristol BS16 Quarry on the east side of Small Lane 621762 2575M
Bristol BS16 Quarry on the eastern side of Small Lane 623760 2584M
Bristol BS16 Quarry on the north side of Blackberry Hill 622762 2573M
Bristol BS16 Quarry on the northern side of Manor Road 634760 2578M
Bristol BS16 Quarry on the south side of Manor Road 625760 2588M
Bristol BS16 Quarry on the south side of Small Lane 624760 2586M
Bristol BS16 Quarry on the west side of Small Lane 621762 2574M
Bristol BS16 Quarry on the west side of the River Frome 630765 2587M
Bristol BS16 Quarry to the north of Frenchay Close 639770 2603M
Bristol BS16 Quarry to the north of Manor Road 630763 2580M
Bristol BS16 Quarry to the north of Manor Road 631763 2579M
Bristol BS16 Quarry to the south of Manor Road 628760 2583M
Bristol BS16 Quarry to the south of the River Frome 623764 2572M
Bristol BS16 Quarry to the south of the River Frome 624764 2571M
Bristol BS16 Quarry to the south of the River Frome 620763 2570M
Bristol BS16 Smithy 630756 3267M
Bristol BS16 The Roperies 595734 945M
Bristol BS16 Whitwood Mill 624765 2317M
Bristol BS16 Wytherlyes Mill 628764 1833M
Bristol BS2 40 Wade Street 598734 1367M
Bristol BS2 Acid works 600721 2307M
Bristol BS2 Albert Pottery 605723 2298M
Bristol BS2 Ashleyvale Mill 600752 1836M
Bristol BS2 Asphalt works 601722 2623M
Bristol BS2 Atlas Works 597728 5247M
Bristol BS2 Avon works 606718 2308M
Bristol BS2 Avonbank Brick and Tile Works 607722 2408M
Bristol BS2 Avonbank Power Station 607724 1841M
Bristol BS2 Avonside charcoal mills 602721 2306M
Bristol BS2 Avonside Glue Works 606724 2295M
Bristol BS2 Avonside Ironworks 598728 1027M
Bristol BS2 Avonside Refinery 600722 2617M
Bristol BS2 Avonside Tannery 610725 2291M
Bristol BS2 Avonside Varnish Works 607719 2311M
Bristol BS2 Bent Timber Yard 594734 5143M
Bristol BS2 Bonds (Bristol) Brewery Ltd 597732 1319M
Bristol BS2 Boot and Shoe Manufactory 589737 1074M
Bristol BS2 Brass Ware House 593729 975M
Bristol BS2 Brewery on Clarence Road 602734 5193M
Bristol BS2 Brewery 595729 1627M
Bristol BS2 Brewery 603729 5262M
Bristol BS2 Brick yard on the north bank of the River Avon 608719 1987M
Bristol BS2 Brick yard 607719 1988M
Bristol BS2 Brick yard 603717 1989M
Bristol BS2 Brick yard 604718 1990M
Bristol BS2 Brickyard 600721 1992M
Bristol BS2 Bristol Distilling Company Ltd. Distillery 595728 1388M
Bristol BS2 Bristol Distilling Company Ltd. Storehouses 596728 1386M
Bristol BS2 Bristol Refinery 596731 1138M
Bristol BS2 Bristol Rolling Works 604724 2707M
Bristol BS2 Bristol Vitriol Works 600724 2708M
Bristol BS2 Broad Plain Confectionery Works 595729 1383M
Bristol BS2 Broad Plain Soap and Candle Works 596729 603M
Bristol BS2 Brook's Dye Works and Laundry 599744 3214M
Bristol BS2 Candle Factory 583712 2854M
Bristol BS2 Carriageworks 590739 1613M
Bristol BS2 Castle Sugar Refinery 593730 1203M
Bristol BS2 Castle Works 593730 5207M
Bristol BS2 Cooksons Bottle Works 597727 481M
Bristol BS2 Cut Nail Factory 592737 1498M
Bristol BS2 Densham and Sons Tannery 595733 1298M
Bristol BS2 Earlsmead Tannery 598736 1625M
Bristol BS2 Electric transformer station 601728 2140M
Bristol BS2 Engine House 600752 2384M
Bristol BS2 Extension to the Young & Melrow Stay and Corset Factory 594736 1400M
Bristol BS2 Felt Hat Manufactory 598738 5047M
Bristol BS2 Francis F. Fox Oil and Colour Works 598736 1370M
Bristol BS2 Gas works 600725 2301M
Bristol BS2 Great Western Colliery 608725 2132M
Bristol BS2 Great Western Cotton Works 610727 1810M
Bristol BS2 Gumworks on River Street 597734 5087M
Bristol BS2 Henry Naish & Sons Ltd. Bacon Curers 600732 1434M
Bristol BS2 Hookes Mills 598745 2347M
Bristol BS2 Horfield Brewery 585733 1108M
Bristol BS2 Iron Foundry 594728 1626M
Bristol BS2 Iron Foundry 594734 5141M
Bristol BS2 Iron Foundry 594729 5210M
Bristol BS2 Iron Foundry 593730 5238M
Bristol BS2 Iron Works 598729 1279M
Bristol BS2 James Rudman Oil and Colour Works 596734 1316M
Bristol BS2 Kear Engineering Cycle Company Works 595732 1300M
Bristol BS2 Kiln off Mina Road 602743 5023M
Bristol BS2 Kingsdown Brewery 585737 1241M
Bristol BS2 Lard Refinery 598733 1322M
Bristol BS2 Limekiln near Cuckolds Pill 598726 976M
Bristol BS2 Limekilns at Small Street 603724 2294M
Bristol BS2 Limekilns on the east bank of the River Avon 599722 1993M
Bristol BS2 Limekilns on the north side of Feeder Canal 611724 2290M
Bristol BS2 Limekilns 594729 638M
Bristol BS2 Malago Vale Brick and Tile Works 584712 2855M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse behind Catherine Street 602733 5190M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse on Braggs Lane 599733 5165M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse on Jacob Street 597731 5251M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse on the south side of Silverthorne Lane 603725 2704M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 597733 1321M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 598733 1323M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 596728 1385M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 591737 1076M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 594735 1086M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 596730 5240M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 597727 1708M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 595732 1301M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 591737 1611M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 597729 5249M
Bristol BS2 Malthouse 597731 5150M
Bristol BS2 Manure works 600722 2299M
Bristol BS2 Manure Works 609724 2410M
Bristol BS2 Marsh Foundry 601721 2615M
Bristol BS2 Marsh Mill 600723 2620M
Bristol BS2 Marsh Works 602724 2302M
Bristol BS2 Naish & Sons Slaughterhouse 599733 1318M
Bristol BS2 Netham Constructional Steel Works 614726 2288M
Bristol BS2 Oil and Colour Store 597734 1317M
Bristol BS2 Oil and Tallow Works 594725 1154M
Bristol BS2 Panther Works 599725 1429M
Bristol BS2 Phoenix Bottle Works (east cone) 597727 480M
Bristol BS2 Phoenix Bottle Works (west cone) 596727 479M
Bristol BS2 Redcliffe Crown Oil Mills 602722 2305M
Bristol BS2 Rogers Jacob Street Brewery 594730 1307M
Bristol BS2 Ropewalk at Catherine Street 602733 5189M
Bristol BS2 Ropewalk at Grosvenor Road 595740 2068M
Bristol BS2 Ropewalk at Wilder Street 593738 1497M
Bristol BS2 Savage's Sugar House 592737 771M
Bristol BS2 Saw Mill on New Road 600734 5103M
Bristol BS2 Saw mill 591736 1079M
Bristol BS2 Saw Mill 594733 5127M
Bristol BS2 Saw Mill 595732 1299M
Bristol BS2 Saw mill 591737 1077M
Bristol BS2 Saw mills 604724 2296M
Bristol BS2 Sheldon, Bush and Patent Shot Co. Ltd. Leadworks 594729 641M
Bristol BS2 Shot Tower 593729 1424M
Bristol BS2 Shute, Arthur and Bush Confectionery Factory 593738 1494M
Bristol BS2 Sir Abraham Elton's Glasshouse 594729 639M
Bristol BS2 Smith and Gregory Blacklead and Blue Factory 596734 1315M
Bristol BS2 Smithy by Cutlersmills Brook 600744 5323M
Bristol BS2 Smithy 590737 1078M
Bristol BS2 Smithy 595728 5213M
Bristol BS2 Smithy 595729 5214M
Bristol BS2 Smithy 596730 5241M
Bristol BS2 Smithy 599728 1715M
Bristol BS2 Smithy 596728 1384M
Bristol BS2 Smithy 598733 1324M
Bristol BS2 St. Paul's Brewery 594738 913M
Bristol BS2 St. Philip's Mills 597729 1277M
Bristol BS2 St. Silas Pottery 607720 2312M
Bristol BS2 St. Vincent's Iron Works 603725 2703M
Bristol BS2 Stained Glass Works 594735 1376M
Bristol BS2 Stokescroft Brewery 591738 1610M
Bristol BS2 Stone Yard off New Road 599734 5181M
Bristol BS2 Stone Yard 599722 2616M
Bristol BS2 Sulphur Works 608723 2409M
Bristol BS2 T. Griffiths Frome Bridge Leather Works 597735 1369M
Bristol BS2 Tarpaulin Factory 583713 2856M
Bristol BS2 The Brick Yard 596728 978M
Bristol BS2 Timber Yard 606725 2304M
Bristol BS2 Tobacco Manufactory 594725 1167M
Bristol BS2 Victoria Iron Works 601722 2622M
Bristol BS2 Vinegar Stores 596736 1080M
Bristol BS2 Vinegar works 596736 1081M
Bristol BS2 Vitriol Works on the eastern side of Avon Street 600725 2699M
Bristol BS2 Vulcan Iron Works 600720 2621M
Bristol BS2 Vulcan Works 595732 5138M
Bristol BS2 Warburton & Sons Confectionery Factory 595732 1542M
Bristol BS2 Whitelead Works 600725 2698M
Bristol BS2 Woodman, Charles & Son Timber Yard 603723 2303M
Bristol BS3 Albert Works 582712 2403M
Bristol BS3 Ashton Gate Brewery 572717 2219M
Bristol BS3 Ashton Gate Galvanized Iron Works 572719 2218M
Bristol BS3 Ashton Rolling Mills 569711 2214M
Bristol BS3 Bedminster Smelting Works 587715 2732M
Bristol BS3 Bedminster Tannery 587717 2001M
Bristol BS3 Brass Foundry 599731 1267M
Bristol BS3 Brewery 582712 2402M
Bristol BS3 Brewery 589719 2461M
Bristol BS3 Brick Yard 589716 2003M
Bristol BS3 Clay pit at the Malago Vale Brickworks 582710 2853M
Bristol BS3 Clift House Tannery 571719 2217M
Bristol BS3 Coal yard at East Street 586716 2728M
Bristol BS3 Coalworks 574718 1999M
Bristol BS3 Dean Lane Colliery 583716 2000M
Bristol BS3 Doveton Mills 588716 2736M
Bristol BS3 Frayne's Colliery 567712 2064M
Bristol BS3 Gasworks 583706 2229M
Bristol BS3 Glassworks 585716 1978M
Bristol BS3 Hendre Brick and Tile Works 575707 2213M
Bristol BS3 Imperial Brewery 580714 2223M
Bristol BS3 Limekiln at Bridgwater Road 561692 2683M
Bristol BS3 Limekiln at Bridgwater Road 563692 2687M
Bristol BS3 Limekiln at No.45 West Street 582712 3048M
Bristol BS3 Limekilns 575713 2220M
Bristol BS3 Locks Mill 583703 2074M
Bristol BS3 Malago Vale Brickworks 582711 2188M
Bristol BS3 Malago Vale Colliery 581710 2061M
Bristol BS3 Malago Vale Engine Works 585712 2420M
Bristol BS3 Malago Vale Works 584711 2227M
Bristol BS3 Malleable Nail Works 568713 2215M
Bristol BS3 Malthouse at St. John's Lane 587708 2647M
Bristol BS3 Malthouse off Sion Road 601734 5104M
Bristol BS3 Malthouse on the south-western side of Stillhouse Lane 589717 3050M
Bristol BS3 Malthouse 595735 1084M
Bristol BS3 Malthouse 590719 2460M
Bristol BS3 Malthouse 572716 2222M
Bristol BS3 Mortar Mill 575716 2221M
Bristol BS3 New Deep Pit 573709 2062M
Bristol BS3 North Street Brick and Tile Works 578715 3062M
Bristol BS3 Offer's clay tobacco pipe factory 584714 3121M
Bristol BS3 Quarry at Bridgwater Road 562692 2684M
Bristol BS3 Ropewalk at St. John's Lane 587708 2648M
Bristol BS3 Ropewalk 589716 2073M
Bristol BS3 Ropewalk 566711 2557M
Bristol BS3 Sayer's Mill 586715 1994M
Bristol BS3 Site of windmill 583701 1976M
Bristol BS3 Site of windmill 592714 1975M
Bristol BS3 Smithy 568715 1832M
Bristol BS3 Smithy 562718 3269M
Bristol BS3 Smithy 588735 1075M
Bristol BS3 South Liberty Brick and Tile Works 563701 1864M
Bristol BS3 South Liberty Colliery 565701 1855M
Bristol BS3 Starveall Colliery 564708 2063M
Bristol BS3 Tannery 590719 2072M
Bristol BS3 Tanyard 587717 2002M
Bristol BS3 Tanyard 591718 2154M
Bristol BS3 W.D. & H.O. Wills tobacco factory 586717 2055M
Bristol BS3 West End Brick and Tile Works 574705 2212M
Bristol BS3 Western Tannery 587716 2190M
Bristol BS3 Wills Factory 583687 2193M
Bristol BS4 Brislington pottery 620727 1816M
Bristol BS4 Cartographic depiction of a quarry at Rock 622713 3003M
Bristol BS4 Castle Rope Works 610716 2310M
Bristol BS4 Colour Works 598722 2300M
Bristol BS4 Engine House 619707 1898M
Bristol BS4 Farther Pothouse pottery 620728 2319M
Bristol BS4 Hither Pothouse pottery 618727 2318M
Bristol BS4 Limekiln at Crossways Road 607705 2642M
Bristol BS4 Limekilns at Redcatch Road 605707 2641M
Bristol BS4 Mine at Totterdown railway cutting 599719 2105M
Bristol BS4 Quarry on the northern side of Leinster Avenue 589698 2717M
Bristol BS4 Quarry at Crossways Road 606704 2643M
Bristol BS4 Quarry at Newlyn Walk 607704 2644M
Bristol BS4 Quarry at Rock 622713 3004M
Bristol BS4 Site of a coal mine to the south of Bath Road 626701 1820M
Bristol BS4 Smithy on the southern side of New Wall Road 599716 2714M
Bristol BS4 Smithy 619707 2441M
Bristol BS4 St. Anne's Mill 621728 1814M
Bristol BS5 25-27 Felix Road 606739 3302M
Bristol BS5 Amatt's Crew's Hole Pottery 626731 1843M
Bristol BS5 Atlas Locomotive Works 626745 1844M
Bristol BS5 Baptist Mills brass mill 601743 1805M
Bristol BS5 Barton Hill Pottery 607727 2709M
Bristol BS5 Barton Regis Workhouse Stone Yards 610747 3274M
Bristol BS5 Blackswarth Lane Works 618729 1849M
Bristol BS5 Boot Factory 622734 3216M
Bristol BS5 Brewery at the rear of the Waggon and Horses public house 602736 3138M
Bristol BS5 Brick and Tile Works 623742 1933M
Bristol BS5 Brick Kiln at Easton Colliery 605739 5060M
Bristol BS5 Brick Kiln 620730 1985M
Bristol BS5 Brick works 608745 2343M
Bristol BS5 Brickworks north of Two Mile Hill Road 645740 1837M
Bristol BS5 Bristol Fireclay Company works 623731 2325M
Bristol BS5 Bristol Turnpike Trust Quarry 628739 2561M
Bristol BS5 Chemical works on the west side of Crews Hole Road 627729 2609M
Bristol BS5 Chimney at Troopers Hill Road 628728 3192M
Bristol BS5 Chimney on Trooper's Hill 629731 1897M
Bristol BS5 Clay pit at Church Road 621735 2911M
Bristol BS5 Crew's Hole Colliery 629728 1817M
Bristol BS5 Crew's Hole Copper Works 627729 1848M
Bristol BS5 Crown Pottery 622739 2563M
Bristol BS5 Crown Works on the west side of Crews Hole Road 627729 2610M
Bristol BS5 Deep Pit Colliery 625745 1847M
Bristol BS5 Dissused Paper Mill off Atchley Street 606731 5204M
Bristol BS5 E. Baily and Son Malthouse 599735 1362M
Bristol BS5 Easton Colliery 606738 2107M
Bristol BS5 Engine Mill 617728 1986M
Bristol BS5 Foundry 594732 1302M
Bristol BS5 Gas Works 606748 1852M
Bristol BS5 Glassworks 628729 1977M
Bristol BS5 H. J. Packer and Co. Chocolate Factory 615743 3127M
Bristol BS5 Imperial Soap and Candle works at Hudds Vale Road 622739 2564M
Bristol BS5 Kiln at Crew's Hole Road 623731 3123M
Bristol BS5 King Glasshouse 622731 1984M
Bristol BS5 Leadworks at Easton Road 605735 3164M
Bristol BS5 Malt house at Stapleton Road 602736 3139M
Bristol BS5 Malthouse at Easton Road 604736 3162M
Bristol BS5 Malthouse at Hulbert Street 603735 3163M
Bristol BS5 Malthouse 599743 2459M
Bristol BS5 Malthouse 594732 5129M
Bristol BS5 Malthouse 607745 2342M
Bristol BS5 Netham Brass Works 617727 1850M
Bristol BS5 Netham Cooperage 616730 2871M
Bristol BS5 Netham Works 617728 2869M
Bristol BS5 Octavius Hunt Ltd. Match Factory 611733 3000M
Bristol BS5 Pennywell Colliery 601740 2695M
Bristol BS5 Phoenix Chemical Works on the west side of Crews Hole Road 627728 2611M
Bristol BS5 Phoenix Pottery 602743 2825M
Bristol BS5 Pug Mill at Stibbs Hill 633733 3215M
Bristol BS5 Quarry on the north side of Cassey Bottom Lane 631731 2612M
Bristol BS5 Quarry on the north side of Troopers Hill Road 629728 2608M
Bristol BS5 Quarry on the west side of Crew's Hole Road 628729 2607M
Bristol BS5 Quarry to the north of Crew's Hole Road 628731 2606M
Bristol BS5 Quarry at Crew's Hole Road 630730 2328M
Bristol BS5 Quarry at Crew's Hole Road 621731 2327M
Bristol BS5 Quarry at Crew's Hole Road 624731 2326M
Bristol BS5 Quarry 627738 2562M
Bristol BS5 Resin Works 598737 1623M
Bristol BS5 Ropewalk at Packhorse Hill 607732 3165M
Bristol BS5 Smithy off Henrietta Street 584737 5339M
Bristol BS5 Smithy 618735 3041M
Bristol BS5 Smithy 598734 1364M
Bristol BS5 Speedwell Colliery 632744 1925M
Bristol BS5 Stapleton Gas Works 607750 2913M
Bristol BS5 Steel Toolworks on Twinnell Road 605737 5112M
Bristol BS5 Tannery at Pennywell Road 601742 2827M
Bristol BS5 Tannery on Pennywell Road 600740 5051M
Bristol BS5 Tilehouse 628728 1983M
Bristol BS5 Two Limekilns at Beaumont Road 602740 5054M
Bristol BS5 Westbourne Court 607738 3304M
Bristol BS5 Whitehall Colliery 618738 1846M
Bristol BS5 Windmill at Pennywell Road 601741 2768M
Bristol BS6 Cutler's Mill 590744 2907M
Bristol BS6 Limekilns at Windsor Road 593748 2723M
Bristol BS6 Mine at Grove Road 575748 3032M
Bristol BS6 Quarries at Leopold Road 593748 2722M
Bristol BS6 Quarry at Elmgrove Road 585744 2739M
Bristol BS6 Quarry at St. Andrew's Park 592750 2753M
Bristol BS6 The Maltings 595746 2255M
Bristol BS6 TimberYard 591743 5000M
Bristol BS7 Quarry at Cambridge Road 589758 2681M
Bristol BS7 Quarry at Muller Avenue 595758 2711M
Bristol BS7 Smithy at Elton Road 586750 2918M
Bristol BS7 Smithy at No.2a Bishop Road 591757 2202M
Bristol BS8 Clay pit 577729 1460M
Bristol BS8 Earthworks, natural and leadworkings 568742 1884M
Bristol BS8 Hydraulic Engine House 571723 1201M
Bristol BS8 Lime Kiln below Vincent Rocks 564732 1995M
Bristol BS8 Limekiln at Summer Trenmoor 569740 3018M
Bristol BS8 Limekilns at Whiteladies Road 577738 3144M
Bristol BS8 Limekilns near Alma Road 576738 3276M
Bristol BS8 Malthouse 576728 1458M
Bristol BS8 Marble Works 577725 1420M
Bristol BS8 New Quay Iron Works 577725 1419M
Bristol BS8 Quarry below Circular Road 559747 2535M
Bristol BS8 Quarry below Circular Road 559746 2536M
Bristol BS8 Smithy 577729 1459M
Bristol BS8 The Observatory 565732 1793M
Bristol BS9 Brick Yard south of Old Sneed Park 554749 2005M
Bristol BS9 Brickworks at Passage Road 573775 3051M
Bristol BS9 Clack Mill 554769 1827M
Bristol BS9 Coombe Dingle Mill 558774 1826M
Bristol BS9 Eastfield Quarry 578771 2742M
Bristol BS9 Grist Mill 574773 1908M
Bristol BS9 Henleaze Park Gasometer 582764 2626M
Bristol BS9 Limekiln 568779 1912M
Bristol BS9 Limekilns at Cherry Orchards 561776 3275M
Bristol BS9 Limekilns at Eastfield Quarry 579772 1911M
Bristol BS9 Limekilns 574773 1910M
Bristol BS9 Limekilns 550756 1914M
Bristol BS9 Mill 561763 1917M
Bristol BS9 Old quarry north of Kings Weston Road 546773 2520M
Bristol BS9 Old quarry 562766 2530M
Bristol BS9 Pipe kiln 574773 1918M
Bristol BS9 Quarry at Druid Hill 561761 2532M
Bristol BS9 Quarry at Northover Road 573782 2553M
Bristol BS9 Quarry enclosed by the Seven Sisters 571754 1768M
Bristol BS9 Quarry north of Coombe Farm 561777 1981M
Bristol BS9 Quarry north of Kings Weston Road 546774 2518M
Bristol BS9 Quarry on the west side of Saville Road 567753 2464M
Bristol BS9 Quarry to the south of the River Frome 622764 2569M
Bristol BS9 Sea Mill 553762 1916M
Bristol BS9 Southmead Quarries 580775 2741M
Bristol BS9 Stratford Mill 561783 3149M
Bristol BS9 Sugar House or Burfield Pottery 572768 2897M
Bristol BS9 Tannery 574773 1919M

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