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Work in Bristol 1883.

Work in Bristol book
  • Alsop's Steam Cabinet Works
  • Avonside Tannery
  • Bristol Wagon Works
  • Brock and Bruce's Steam Joinery Works
  • Broad Plain Soap Works
  • Carter & Co.'s Mineral Water Works
  • Castle Sugar Refinery
  • Derham's Shoe Factory
  • Fry's Cocoa Works ...
  • Glass & Co.'s Tobacco and Cigar Factory ...
  • Gloucestershire Dairy Company, Limited:..
  • Great Western Cotton Works ...
  • Hare's Floorcloth and Oil and Colour Works
  • John Fuller and Co.'s Carriage Factory ...
  • Laverton and Co.'s Steam Cabinet Works
  • Leonard, Boult, and Co.'s Collieries
  • Netham Chernical Works
  • Robinson and Co.'s Wholesale Stationery Works
  • St. Vincent's Galvanising Iron Works
  • Sheldon, Bush, and Patent Shot Company
  • Stanton and Champion's Steam Confectionery Works
  • Terrell's Rope Factory
  • Vowles' Organ Works
  • Wills' Tobacco Factory
A series of articles of the Chief 24 Manufactories in the City Reprinted from "Bristol Times & Mirror". Provides actual accounts of the processes, and workforce details as actually witnessed in 1883. Some adverts.

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