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Blagdon Pumping Station 2021 November

Update from Bristol Water … “The visitor centre is still currently closed due to fire safety concerns.  We have put some measures in place to reduce the fire risks at the depot, such as removing fuel and ignition sources, but we still have not resolved the issue of being able to evacuate people out of the building in a timely fashion if a fire were to occur. Bristol Water is currently in the process of being taken over by Pennon, but we are still waiting to hear the final outcome, as it has had to go through the Competition and Markets Authority for approval.  Once this has been finalised, it is likely that the fisheries, access and heritage side of the business will be transferred to a Charitable Trust.  Due to this uncertainty with what is happening with the business, we have not taken the regeneration project of the visitor centre any further.  It is likely that once everything has been approved, the recreational and heritage side of the business will transfer to the Charitable Trust in Spring 2022.  It may well be that when the Charitable Trust come in they will re-start the regeneration of the visitor centre building, but we can’t say at the moment what is going to happen”.