Brick Disposal

1 April 2016: I have been contacted by a friend who has been asked to dispose of a small collection of west country bricks and he wondered whether I knew of anybody local who might be interested. Do you have any brick collectors in BIAS who might welcome any of these?

  • Glastonbury
  • AV
  • Malago Colliery and Brickworks
  • F. Emery Westbury
  • Too wet and muddy to look (that might be more a summary of the weather conditions prevailing over the brick pile rather than what was actually stamped on the brick)
  • Glastonbury Pottery Compy Ltd
  • Button (on both sides)
  • Cattybrook Brick Company Bristol
  • HS
  • Kingswood Reformatory

Many thanks. Regards. Martin Green Chairman, Warwickshire Industrial Archaeology Society