Bristols Rapid Transit System BRT

  • 8 January 2013: Mayor George Ferguson has announced some excellent news on decision to abandon use of Prince Street Bridge crossing for BRT 2 and 3. Poorly devised scheme that compromises historic docks. Thanked ‘Stop BRT 2’ for 3000+ signature petition – which effectively unpicks both BRT2 and the routeing of BRT3 in South Bristol. There are still questions about what any alternatives will mean, and StopBRT2 will continue to campaign. The petition helped strengthen case against use of Prince St Bridge crossing and route past M Shed
  • 8 January 2013: Inspectors report from the public inquiry sent to the Secretary of State. Result will be know in perhaps one month’s time Mayor of Bristol, please stop BRT2 for the following reasons:
    1. This proposed diesel bus service will destroy the recreational enjoyment of part of Bristol’s Harbour, the Avon New Cut and Ashton Vale fields by introducing noise, air pollution, ugliness and traffic.
    2. 60 buses an hour (from 3 BRT routes) crossing Prince Street bridge and using Wapping Road and Prince St by 2016 at peak times is unacceptable and unworkable.
    3. Bristol Council tax payers are expected to fund 80% of any overspend on this high risk project.
    4. Space will be taken away from cyclists and pedestrians in now well used areas.
    5. The Harbour steam train to Create will not operate for 2 years during BRT2 construction.
    6. BRT2 includes no new bus services. The proposed BRT service (rerouted from Hotwell Road) will be a less comfortable and longer route for most existing passengers. With changes to road layouts, existing services could be improved at a fraction of the expected cost.
  • On 5th October 2012 I and several others spoke at the Cabinet meeting opposing plans for the transport chiefs for agreeing to spend £4.5 million on more development work for the rapid transit scheme which may end up being scrapped. Several of us stated that no more money should be spent until the results of the public inquiry was heard, and that they were undermining the Inspector’s authority. Despite this the executive voted to spend it, but several days later Peter Abraham (leader of the City Council Conservative Group) and Geoff Gollop (Conservative mayoral candidate) called the decision in on the grounds that there had been a failure to properly consult people. A special meeting will have to be called which can not be heard until late November after the election of the mayor who would have to oversee the completion of the investment programme.
  • Public Inquiry Details
    The Secretary of State for Transport announced that a Public Inquiry will be held into the Ashton Vale to Temple Meads and Bristol City Centre Rapid Transit Order. The inquiry was scheduled to run between the 22nd of May and the 22nd of June. It actually ran to 4th July and cost £1 million. Should hear at Christmas.
  • Cumberland Rd rapid transit
    This photomontage shows the scheme in all its glory! How depressing.
  • 13 June: Maggie Shapland’s closing statement after cross-examination
  • 13 June: Maggie Shapland’s second statement based on information picked up during the inquiry
  • March 2012: Maggie Shapland’s original public inquiry statement
  • Details about presenting evidence at the Public Inquiry. 3 hard copies plus an electronic copy to be sent to Graham Groom (contact details below) by 23 April
  • Revised plans for information (March 2012)(53.4mb)
  •—ashton-vale-to-temple-meads/rapid-transit-ashton-vale-temple-meads Travel Plus: The West of England Partnership’s vision
  • All public inquiry information, news, updates and related documents
  • INSPECTOR: Mr Christopher Millns BSc (Hons) MSc CEng FICE FIHT
    INQUIRY SECRETARIAT: Graham Groom (Programme Officer)
    Persona Associates, Barclays House, 51 Bishopric, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1QJ
    Tel: 01403 219899
    Inquiry telephone number: 07860 636909
  • 13 March 2012: Groups opposing the guided bus route from Ashton Vale to Bristol City have recruited an independent traffic expert to give evidence at a public inquiry in May.
  • Final submissions from objections in by April 23.
  • Transport For Greater Bristol opposed
  • Stop BRT
  • Other opposers include: Bristol Civic Society who also believe that It says allowing 22 buses to run on the waterside every hour will harm the look of the City Docks Conservation Area and damage businesses and visitor attractions.

Sept 2011:As a member of the committee of the Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society, I wish to protest against the effect that this scheme would have on the heritage railway. M Shed has just been opened, the railway is part of the heritage experience for tourists. Has no one ever watched the visitors enjoying the experience of the Portbury. How can one incorporate the rapid transit scheme with the heritage railway- the route is not wide enough? One runs on rails, the other on rubber wheels. To not allow cars over Princes bridge is ridiculous. How are drivers meant to get to the centre if they are driving in from Cumberland Road? How will car drivers get from the centre to M Shed? It will place even more pressure on the other roads. This incredibly expensive scheme will wreck the tourist experience, and make it harder for tourists to get to the centre of Bristol and M shed.

The final bid will be submitted on September 9, 2011 by the council and our neighbouring authorities in the West of England Partnership. Greater Bristol will be competing with areas from across the country and is seeking £114 million to create Bristol’s Bus Rapid Transit Network.

Make a comment, ask questions on the ASK Bristol on transport site

Response from Tim Kent: On the days when the railway is operating, bus services will use Cumberland Road. The alignment is wide enough to accommodate both modes.
Parking at M Shed is very limited so the impact of the Prince Street Bridge proposals will be limited.
Prohibition of general traffic from Prince Street Bridge is very necessary to maintain reliability of rapid transit services. if you can say you come from outside Bristol and your affiliation and why you are signing (eg save harbourside heritage) it will help.

See below for the comments made by BIAS at the public inquiry.