Combe Down Stone Mines

22 April 2008: The Society has learned from a planning application (08/0097) of a proposal that the approved scheme of mitigation to be applied to areas of special archaeological importance within the mines is to he abandoned and areas previously set aside for future evaluation are to be filled with foam concrete.
Our Committee and its President deplore the continuing erosion of the programme of mitigation which should have permitted further examination of the mines when more time, and more sophisticated methods, will become available to future investigators.
There is also some surprise felt that, even after so long a period of inspection as has already been accorded, additional hazards can now be discovered which were unknown to experts in many fields hitherto and which require this drastic approach.
The maintenance of some degree of access to the former mines, as provided for in the original plans, is of very great concern to us. The importance of such a facility has been readily appreciated in other comparable, and often less unusual, sites in this country and overseas. These are often exploited as modest, but significant, magnets for both specialists and tourists.
We should be failing in our responsibilities to our successors if vve were to deprive them of the possibility of exploring and interpreting such an integral feature of the physical history of Bath. For more information see Coombe Down Heritage Society
2006: An International Congress to visit underground mine at Combe Down. The importance of preserving public access and heritage is highlighted. Members of the 5th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics will be taken underground on the 30th June