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Stothert & Pitt Crane Restoration Update 2022 January

Latest news … the restoration project is complete, and only awaits re-assembly when the permanent display location is ready.

We are pleased to announce that BaNES have now agreed the location of the crane within the old refurbished Stothert & Pitt Newark Works (now called the South Quays) on the Lower Bristol Road bath. The location was our second choice (the first choice was not suitable due to the complicated amended footbridge foundations and retaining flood wall not being able to support the crane’s weight). However, it will be very prominent for all to see and is almost in the same area where it would have been built and tested in circa 1864. The crane will be installed on the site during November 2021.

Works have now started on the final part of the project, the fitting out of the new timber jib. We hope to be finished by the end of August.

The project is now fully funded with a donation by the Cotswolds Conservation Board Caring for the Cotswolds grant programme.

Finally, we have sourced a replacement hoist chain. This was not as easy as it sounds, as there is very little old chain available, despite a wide ranging search. The chain was located in Old Portsmouth in the remains of an old boat yard, called Felthams Yard, that ceased trading many years ago but is still owned by the son of the last boat builder.

Peter Dunn

20th June 2021