Yate rail yard

Oxford Archaeology have been commissioned to undertake an assessment of the function and historical significance of a military railway site in Yate, South Gloucestershire. David Evans of South Glos Council has asked Jon to consult BIAS to obtain our views and to see if you had any relevant information.
The site is a rail transfer yard which was constructed by (or for) the Americans during World War II probably as part of Operation Bolero (the build-up to D-Day). There survives two vast storage sheds where US military equipment was presumably stored, after being shipped to Bristol Docks, and the site is linked by branch rail lines to the main line from Bristol. After the war the site passed to the Royal Navy and it is now occupied by the Highways Agency.
Would you happen to know anything about this site or do you hold any material relating to this site? The sorts of questions that they are trying to answer are:

  • What was their date of construction?
  • How did the site function?
  • What did they store?
  • How rare is the site?
  • How significant is the site in the context of other ‘Bolero’ sites?

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