Clifton Suspension Bridge, Suspension Bridge Road

Bridge Road, Leigh Woods, Long Ashton BS8 3PA and Clifton, Bristol

Suspension Bridge applications often include wonderful design and access statements (which they have to do being a grade I listed building) so do look at them on the Bristol Councils on line planning page. Note that the west side is in North Somerset so you may miss them unless you look at the North Somerset planning page.

  • Sept 2012: 12/P/1222/F Demolition of existing stores, workshop and offices. Relocation of an electrical sub-station. The building of a new Heritage and Learning Centre and Operations building. The new Centre includes the taking down and the re-building of part of a boundary wal Location: Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bridge Road,
  • Aug 2012: 12/P/1435/LB, 12/P/1434/F Installation of 6 footpath lamp standards to the Leigh Woods approach to the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Location: Clifton Suspension Bridge Bridge Road Leigh Woods BS8 3PA
  • Aug 2012: 12/03633/LA, 12/03632/F To install 6 no. supplementary footpath lamp standards to the Clifton approach of the Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • 2011: The Trust are starting the process of applying to build a visitor centre in their works yard on the Leigh Woods side. The proposals will also be online at
  • Sept 2009: 09/03466/LA Repairs to stonework to abutments, piers, and balustrades, including re-pointing and limited cleaning of areas of stone and redecoration of cast iron cornices to head of bridge piers
  • Feb 2008: 08/00656/LA Installation of a new drainage system along both edges of the roadway of the bridge. The existing timber kerbs and their mastic asphalt covering will be removed, along with the cast iron drainage gullies and the timber splashboards. A new drainage channel will be installed, with narrow glass-fibre reinforced polymer (GRP) splashboards and extruded asphalt kerbs.
    Applicant Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust