Woodlands Farm, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol

  • July 2013: recommended refusal, officers said the plan failed to “conserve or enhance the features, attributes and visual amenity of the exiting landscape”. Objections to the proposals were made by Frampton Cotterell Parish Council and Westerleigh Parish Council. Concerns were also raised by the Coal Authority, South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group and the Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society about the history of coal mining at the site.
  • June 2013: New consultation on PT13/0028/0. Comment before 28 June 2013 Regarding Archaeology:
    Following receipt of your letter of 18th March 2013, we made contact with David Haigh (Natural and Built Environment Team Manager), through yourself, as the comments received in your letter appeared to be outdated and superseded by subsequent work that has been undertaken. The response received, (email of 9th April 2013), confirmed that Mr Haigh is of the view that there will need to be further archaeological evaluation, but that given the nature of the site and that there was not anything shown in the LIDAR that suggests that remains of national importance survives on site, it was accepted that this work could be undertaken prior to the submission of any reserved matters application and could be secured via an appropriately worded condition.
  • April 2013: The application is referred to the Sites Inspection Sub Committee by Councillor Young for the following reasons: This development, if allowed, would completely change the character of Coalpit Heath and there is great deal of local concern. I therefore feel that it is important that it is considered in public. Local residents will want to feel confident that their concerns are understood and taken into account in the Council’s response. The site visit would help the committee to appreciate the impact the proposed development would have on the character of the area, its current rural aspect and landscape. It would also enable them to see where the proposed highways entrances would be so that they can consider the highways implications of the proposals.
  • March 2013: The inspector’s report on recent further consultation to South Glos core strategy has been published. It lists which proposed development sites have been rejected including Woodlands Farm (in favour of one at Thornbury). Under section considering environmental quality and assets, Woodlands Farm has been assessed as having major negative affect and includes the following reason:-
    Further archaeological work required as documentary evidence indicates the high potential for the survival of seventeenth century coal mining activity on the site, which could be of national importance and preclude development from parts of the site. Although the application was put in before the core strategy was ratified, let us hope it will be considered.
  • Feb 2013: Application: PT13/0028/O Residential development of up to 380 dwellings on 23.51 ha of land; 0.2 ha Local Centre (up to 465m2 Use Classes A1, A2, A3 and up to 465m2 Use Class D1); Community Square incorporating car parking for local centre. Construction of 1 no. vehicular access onto Badminton Road and 4 no. vehicular accesses onto Park Lane. Landscaping, open space, allotments and all associated infrastructure. Outline application with all matters reserved except access. | Land Between Badminton Road And Park Lane Woodlands Farm South Of Frampton Cotterell Coalpit Heath South Gloucestershire BS36 2BL

BIAS made an objection along with SGMRG, 386 residents, Steve Webb MP, Frampton and Westerleigh Parish Council. The applicant’s heritage study claims there is no significant mining heritage on the site, The council archaeology dept should recognise the importance of the site and recommend conditions be placed on development such as requiring a full archaeology study.

The Hydrock desk top study confirms that nearby coal mining activities could indicate a presence of older coal workings around the vicinity of the eastern boundary of this site which may pose a geotechnical constraint on the site.

To comment, use the South Gloucestershire Council website (search for PT13/0028/O, click on “Comments” then complete the form), or by letter, making sure your address is provided, to: South Gloucestershire Council, Development Services, PO Box 2081, South Glos. BS35 9BP

quoting application No. PT13/0028/O well before the date all letters and emails must be received.