A Forgotten Landscape

July 2015: I’m writing to introduce a project your members might be interested in. My name is Katie Scaife and I’m the full-time project officer for A Forgotten Landscape, an HLF-funded Landscape Partnership project running in the Lower Severn Vale Levels until the end of 2018. We’ll be running nearly 60 projects that local communities and individuals can get involved in, exploring, conserving, restoring, and celebrating what’s special about our project area. I’ve attached a map of our project area and our leaflet. We will be running a wide range of natural and cultural heritage projects. All projects come with any necessary training and are absolutely free.

I hope you are aware of our project. During the development phase I know that Miriam Woolnough (now project manager) attempted to talk to all relevant parties in the area. Now we have the funding to actually deliver our project, turning ideas into reality.

Katie will come along to a BIAS meeting on 25 Feb 2016 to let us know what is planned, and take advice on good ways forward.

For more information on our project in the meantime please see www.aforgottenlandscape.org.uk.