BIAS Projects

In the early days there were many IA sites to explore, excavate, research and restore. Members of the Society were leaders in the field and took the initiative, their exploits being written up in Bulletins and Journals over the years. The scene has now changed dramatically, with many `special interest’ groups established to become involved with particular locations, industries or subjects. These groups have developed their own expertise relevant to their chosen topic and have forged links with others with similar interests across the UK and even across the world.

Most of these groups continue to be in need of new volunteers and would welcome help. During recent consultations, some BIAS members have indicated that they would be prepared to play a more active part in such groups. so we have contacted those in our region of which we are aware so that we can feature them in this and future Bulletins. We asked them to give us brief details of their needs and how to make contact. Information on other groups would be welcomed.