Mike Bone November 2013

As mentioned in my last report, I intend to use this space to update BIAS members on committee business – in particular our efforts to make progress on the issues raised at our last AGM. Our last committee meeting focused on closer relationships and collaboration with other local IA groups and we welcomed Martin Leathwood and Marilyn Adams of the Avon Industrial Buildings Trust (AIBT) as our guests for this main agenda item. Discussion was excellent, the outcome very positive – as one colleague put it, ‘partnership was the key in today’s climate’. It was decided to set up a small steering group (Martin, Marilyn, Mike Taylor & myself) to come up with detailed proposals for the future and to make progress reports to AIBT Council and BIAS Committee. We aim to focus initially on AIBT/BIAS and then consider relationships with ‘single site’ groups, such as the Saltford Brass Mill Project, and to complete our work by the next BIAS AGM on 24 April 2014. Any comments/views on this issue will be much appreciated – please ‘phone or email me.

Our next ‘big issue’ is the gazetteer and Ken Kemp has agreed to join us as our guest for this one.

Space is limited for these reports but I’d like to conclude with a brief comment on our summer programme. We certainly experienced some varied weather – a cold, wet night to hear about plans for the future of at the Underfall Yard in late June followed by a sweltering evening on the streets and path ways of St Philips to view the IA of the new development zone some two weeks later. I thought that the afternoon session at the Brooks Dye Works in August was exactly the sort of activity that we should do more of, given the opportunity. The tour of the site provided both an excellent introduction to an industry that is rarely considered in the IA literature, a chance to hear about the plans of the developer and the architect and, most importantly, to put our questions and responses to their proposals. This sort of exchange is surely the best way to approach the often-conflicting agendas of interested parties.

As regards our future programmes, I’d be grateful if you could forward your email address/’phone no. to Maggie if you have not already done so. I had to contact members recently about a change of venue and this information proved invaluable. We do, however, keep our website up to date – so please check this, if you can, before coming to your next BIAS meeting.