Stuart Burroughs 2006

For all those with an interest in the history of Bristol as a working city the plans for the future of Bristol Industrial Museum will be being watched with interest. The museum has a collection of industrial material of regional and national importance built up from the 1960s. You will be aware that the plan is, as part of the redevelopment of Bristol’s Harbourside, for the Industrial Museum to become the Museum of Bristol, whilst the Bristol City Museum becomes the Museum for Bristol. BIAS has been keeping a close eye on these developments as we would hope that, in the grand scheme to present the story of the development of Bristol, the fine collections of industrial material are given due regard. No one would argue that a regional centre such as Bristol deserves a good museum of its own history, and the plans for the Museum of Bristol are impressive. What we must hope is that the development of Bristol as a working city, from trading to manufacturing, to street cleaning or paper bag making, is given appropriate attention in this new development and the grittier and mundane aspects of Bristol’s history are displayed. BIAS has a long history of not only providing services for its members but applying pressure and asking awkward questions ofdevelopers and local authorities. We should, if possible hope to apply pressure at Bristol to ensure the collections of industrial material relevant to Bristol are retained and displayed as well as all the other material.