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Clifton Suspension Bridge Cast Iron Lamp Posts 2013

March 2013:cast iron lamposts being installed on the suspension bridge

Virtually all Bristol cast lamp posts have Bristol manufacturers plates on which is great because they can then be dated. Since these posts have been restored their plates are very clear. You will see that there are five posts by the Bristol Foundry Company who made the biggest variety of lamp posts from 1881 to 1958, one by CE Gurney (1870-1886) who started off as a tin plate worker and ironmonger and progressed to a fern case and lamp manufacturer, one by Jones (1874-90) who was an iron founder, and one indeterminate one that is very likely to be Edward Crawford (1881 to 1912)

August 2012: planning application 12/03632/F | To install 6 no. supplementary footpath lamp standards to the Clifton approach of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. | Suspension Bridge Suspension Bridge Road Bristol