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BIAS Fund to Support IA

BIAS has an annual budget of £3000 for grants towards industrial archaeology projects and activities that relate to the Bristol and Bath region.

1. Applications for grants for equipment and materials related to investigations and/or restoration should describe the project, with particular reference to its significance, and be accompanied by an itemised estimate of the costs which a grant is being applied for.

Successful applicants must write a report to be published in either the BIAS Bulletin or Journal once the work is completed.

2. BIAS has established the BIAS Brunel Prize (using funds passed to it by the former Brunel Society) to encourage archaeological and other research into, and the publication of work on, the industrial archaeology of the Bristol and Bath region. Up to £500 may be awarded.

Entries should consist of a written report or record which should conform to the guidance notes for BIAS Journal and should –

not have been published elsewhere, either privately or otherwise, in whole or in part, nor submitted for any other prize competition;

document original research into and / or recording of IA sites in the region, with source references; and be submitted by 31 August, for publication in the Journal the following year.

3. Bursaries are available to BIAS members to help with the cost of attendance at training events and conferences related to IA, and of visits to and work at sites, libraries and archives to support research, which is at the heart of BIAS activity.

Applications should include –

a one-page outline of the proposed research activity and/or course/conference, and its relevance to industrial archaeology in the Bristol and Bath region;

a resume of related work previously done by the applicant or any relevant publications or qualifications;

an itemised list of expected expenses;

a note of any awards or grants received during the previous three years.

Successful applicants must write a report to be published in either the BIAS Bulletin or Journal once the activity is completed.

4. Expenses, prizes and bursaries will be paid after completion and on production of itemised receipts. More information is available from the BIAS Secretary.