Floods 3 Jan 2014

Water, water everywhere! (taken by Norman Date) Nearly up to the Ashton Bridge deck

Industrial Gromits

18 Sept 2013: Couldn’t resist these. Went to see the Gromits Unleashed Exhibition before they being auctioned in October

Arnos Vale

Look out for these superb memorials! Near the Bath Road entrance, Thomas Carr’s (1824-74) grave commemorates his “patent disintegrator”. This highly versatile machine, sold all… Read More »Arnos Vale

Medway Queen

27 July 2013: Re-dedication at the Albion Dockyard (Hanover Place BS1 6UT). The first fully riveted hull to be constructed in the UK for over… Read More »Medway Queen

Triton Tug

15 June 2011: This is the tug Triton in 1944, registered at Falmouth, she’s 120ft stem to stern post, about 130ft overall. She had triple… Read More »Triton Tug

New Cut

July 09: Pictures of a trip down the “new Cut” as part of Harbour 200 celebrations Down the Docks and Up the Cut In Jul… Read More »New Cut