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Carriage Works

Residents and organisations in St Pauls, Kingsdown, Montpelier and Cotham are now working with the City Council to write a Community Vision for the future… Read More »Carriage Works

Metal Thefts

Nov 2011: You cannot have failed to read in the papers or seen reports on the television that there has been a staggering increase in… Read More »Metal Thefts

Underfall Yard

A £4 million funding bid is being put in to turn the Underfall Yard into a “maritime centre of excellence”. A feasibility study is being… Read More »Underfall Yard

MShed opened

June 17 2011: A momentous day. Who could fail to be impressed by the opening? An acrobatic performance by circus outfit, Cirque Bijou. Performers swung… Read More »MShed opened

Avonside plaque

18 March 2011: The Bristol company chosen by Brunel to build his first locomotives for the opening of the Great Western Railway has finally been… Read More »Avonside plaque