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BIAS@50 - 1967-2017 - Celebrating half a century of research

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BIAS was 50 in 2017
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Welcome to the Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society website. This site contains information about the Society, details of its events and information about all that we care about in Bristol.

The Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society was founded in 1967 to coordinate the research, conservation and preservation of the remains of the industrial and commercial activity in the Bath and Bristol area.

Since 1968 it has produced an annual journal of research of its members and a bulletin three times each year. The society produces booklets, trail leaflets and back copies of its annual journal are available on application.

We were 50 years old in 2017 and still going strong. .

The Society encourages research into recording of industrial sites and is consulted on planning issues concerning industrial remains and is represented on local council consultation bodies. The Society holds fortnightly meetings in the Bath and Bristol area and excursions are organised in the summer months.

Why not join and get a first-class journal, bulletins, attend loads of lectures and walks! Help us too!

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Sitemap This list also helps you navigate around the site and shows you how much we do, and how frequently we update our information.

  • Bristol in 1480 - a new map overlaid on the 1918 OS - more details at
  • We very much regret to report that BIAS stalwart Maggie Shapland died peacefully on 1st October 2020
  • Western Harbour / Cumberland Basin Scheme BIAS comments on Scheme to demolish Plimsoll Bridge to build houses. Engagement closes 15 September 2019. Feedback Form.
  • BOB’s 170th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Sat 7th- Sun 8th September 2019 10.00 am -4.00 pm BRUNEL SWIVEL BRIDGE, CUMBERLAND BASIN, Bristol BS1 6XS More details about this historic bridge
  • 6th April 2019: SWWRIAC 2019 (South West of England Conference on Industrial Heritage). Hosted By BIAS. This event will be held in Saltford Hall complex. More details
  • February 2019:Started adding journals 11 to 30 to the website
  • August 2018:Please sign a petition to save the Ashton Court Miniature Railway. We would dearly love to get 3500 signatures by 30th of August. More detail on News page
  • November 2017: Gazetteer published. Free to subscribed members (but will cost 3 to post). 9.95+ 3 post and packing. Can be picked up at BIAS meetings and Bath Museum of Work. More detail.
  • May 2017: Tony gave a talk about progress with the Gazeteer at the 50th birthday party of BIAS.
  • March 2017: Sir Neil Cossons gave a talk about the history of BIAS. His talk has been published in the latest Journal.
  • August 2016: We also forming the Avon Industrial Partnership. The idea of the AIHP is that organisations with a shared
    interest in the subject could work in concert and the AIHP Logo is something that, as an experiment in 2017,
    could be used to help in a small way to show the affinity between disparate industrial organisations in our area.
    avon 50
  • July 2016: It was agreed that to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BIAS we should publish an updated gazeteer, using updated data. It is in print in November 2017.
  • February 2015: Added Work in Bristol 1883 to the website
  • January 2015: Added BIAS Journals 1-10 to the website
  • Sunday 7th December 2014 at 7pm saw a spectacular display of fireworks to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Suspension Bridge. Monday 8th December at 3pm saw a procession of dignatories walk across the bridge to the new Visitor Centre.
  • 31 October 2014: Started adding images of foundry plaques to be found in Bristol on the website
  • 29 August 2014 Started to add pages from the book 'Progress Commerce 1893: The Ports of the Bristol Channel; Wales and the West' to the website. It contains details of local companies of the time.

News of members

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BIAS Events
March 17: Due to coronavirus we have decided to postpone all the meetings and walks until the end of July 2020 - including the AGM. People have been urged to avoid "non-essential" contact. Over 70s for 12 weeks. We may be forced to postpone these sort of events regardless, if instructed by central government. In the meantime we can review the situation- in light of restrictions

Courses, conferences and events of interest to BIAS members Most events have been postponed. Check the relevent websites

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Check out the latest application to be considered

Belgrave Hill quarry
Photo gallery - all contributions welcomely received!
Latest to be added are Clifton Suspension Bridge, Clifton Rocks Railway, and a link to a 1902 film on the river between Clifton and Portishead
  • Brunel Swivel Bridge details of work to be carried out so far.
    Read the latest. See the signs to promote it.
  • Clifton Rocks Railway
  • BIAS Gazeteer of Industrial Sites of the Bristol and Bath Area. Now published.
  • Digitised the book 'Progress Commerce 1893: The Ports of the Bristol Channel; Wales and the West' for the website. It contains details of local companies of the time.
Brunel Swivel Bridge
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