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BIAS was 50 in 2017
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Welcome to the Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society website. This site contains information about the Society, details of its events and information about all that we care about in Bristol.

The Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society was founded in 1967 to coordinate the research, conservation and preservation of the remains of the industrial and commercial activity in the Bath and Bristol area.

Since 1968 it has produced an annual journal of research of its members and a bulletin three times each year. The society produces booklets, trail leaflets and back copies of its annual journal are available on application.

We were 50 years old in 2017 and still going strong. .

The Society encourages research into recording of industrial sites and is consulted on planning issues concerning industrial remains and is represented on local council consultation bodies. The Society holds fortnightly meetings in the Bath and Bristol area and excursions are organised in the summer months.

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BIAS Events
All meetings at Keynsham are still on hold due to Covid restrictions, but we are planning some meetings via Zoom – watch this space!

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