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Vale of Berkeley Railway

In the summer of 2013 a small group, all with significant experience of heritage railway preservation, became aware of the potential to create a heritage railway along the existing Sharpness Branch line from Sharpness to Berkeley Road. After exploring the area and some initial research into the fascinating and interesting history of the Severn & Wye Railway, as well as its current use, we felt this was a very worthwhile and exciting project with lots of potential and so drafted some basic plans and ideas. They have now established a base and engineering restoration facility in the Old Engine House, besides the docks in Sharpness where we have a dedicated team of volunteers working on various restoration projects. In the mean time they are continuing to work towards gaining access to the Sharpness Branch line with the aim of running heritage trains on the branch within a few years. Read more about their plans, current progress and organisation from They need investment and volunteer support.