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Bedminster Industrial Mural 2013

March 2013. Site of Red Cow, 113 West Street Bedminster Bristol BS3 3PD. Nice industrial mural. Tragedy about the demolition of this historic pub, but it is a lovely mural. Note retention of some of the lias stone.

Artist Andy Council was commissioned for the west street mural.   It includes some Bristol and more local landmarks as well as Bedminster ones.   Andy Council says: β€˜the design is of a horse due to them being used in the local area back in the day, particularly around the mines.  The mines and chimneys feature in the design and there is quite a bit of smoke in there from the chimneys which along with clouds and trees make up the mane and tail.   The piece will hark back to the industrial past of and Bristol Bedminster a fair bit in feel.  The colours will be quite red/brown/brick in colour due to the colour of the buildings I have featured and to fit in with the murals surroundings.  I  think the mane/smoke will be a purple violet colour.  I might throw some gold/copper in places to for a bit of shine.’