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Claverton Pumping Station Water Wheel and Pumps 2016

On Saturday the 5th November 2016, after 4 years of hard work, the Claverton Pumping Station Water Wheel and Pumps were operated for the first time since the restoration was completed.

The following week, after a full inspection of the machinery, a second and full speed run was undertaken. We ran for 4 hours and as before the operation was very smooth.

Over the last four years much work has been undertaken, including the complete replacement of all the water wheel timbers, production of and replacement of the pit wheel wooden gear teeth, re- leveling and alignment of the water wheel and crank shafts, repairs to the curved sluice and many more smaller tasks.

A full redecoration of all the rooms is now well under way.

The team all need to be thanked for their splendid efforts to achieve this very good result.

In 2017 the Claverton pumping Station will reopen to the public on the last Saturday of each month from May through to September. The water wheel and pumps will be running on those open days.

Private visits can also be arranged for groups of up to forty people. Should anyone wish to arrange a private group visit please contact Pete Dunn on 07719911421 or

We could expand our running and open to the public days but need more volunteers to help us. In particular we need people who like talking to our visitors and able and willing to act as tour guides. We also welcome anyone who would want to be trained to operate the machinery or who like gardening or painting/decorating as those tasks are always ongoing.

The current team of volunteers will pass on their knowledge of the history of the site and machinery and will mentor/assist any new volunteers.

Claverton pumping Station is situated in an area of outstanding beauty and is a lovely place to spend time and working in.

Peter Dunn Group Volunteer Leader Claverton Pumping Station Canal & River Trust