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Goonvean Engine 2008

22 September 08: Goonvean engine has now been removed from the engine house, by Century Millwrights and is currently awaiting transportation to Hayle where it will be rebuilt by Century Millwrights in a new purpose built engine house. The future means of operating the engine are being considered and steam is not ruled out. Century Millwrights whilst being based at Kew bridge Steam Museum, is a seperate company. This engine was built by Harveys of Hayle in 1863 and had three locations on mines in the St, Agnes area before moving to its present location in the clay in 1910 where it worked until 1956. English Heritage have given permission for the engine to be moved so that the valuable clay beneath the site can be extracted. (Ron Plaster)
10 Sept 08: work has started on the dismantling of the Goonvean engine, one of the last in situ pumping engines in Cornwall; the work being overseen by Kew Bridge. As I understand it the intention is to put the engine in storage in the short term. Long term; rumour has it that the engine is bound for the Harvey’s site at Hayle. I am not too sure what will happen with the engine once it is at Hayle, I have heard that it is intended to display the engine in dismantled form (rumour).
On the wider subject of engines in Cornwall – it does seem a shame that there is not large pumping engine in steam – especially given the County’s world heritage status. (Rick Stewart)