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Ochre Mines and Works at Wick

Mike Breakspear

In 1998 the article entitled ‘The Ochre Mines and Works at Wick, South Gloucestershire’ by Ron Smith and myself was published in BIAS Journal No 31. Recently, through the internet, I was put in touch with Mike Beavis whose father Mr C.M. Beavis was Mark, Director of Golden Valley Colours and he has added to my knowledge of the Company and its management. This is printed in Bulletin 114 as an addendum to the original article.

At the present time the site is being developed as a nature reserve and fences have been erected to keep the public away from ‘dangerous’ areas. These include the reservoir above the dam though apparently further work is to be carried out to make this area safe. The only structure remaining is the winding house at the top of the incline. It urgently needs some restoration work if only to the roof. The remains of a truck which was half buried next to the winding house has been moved to a safer place.