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Shiela Betterton died 26 December 2008

Long-standing member Shiela Betterton (1920 – 2008) of Combe Down died on Boxing Day. Together with her husband Ernest they were early joint members of BIAS and joined in many of the organised visits. For a time they were joint editors of the Bulletin. She had been a Mayor’s Guide and local magistrate and supporter of the Museum of Bath at Work. However, her particular love was the American Museum at Claverton Down where, initially as a Guide, she developed her interesting in quilting and became Curator of the museum’s quilt collection, writing a number of books on the subject during her time there. She will be sadly missed by all her family and friends, particularly those in BIAS. n.b. Shiela’s name has not been printed incorrectly. When her father registered her birth he did not know how to spell her name, so assumed it was spelt the same way as the town where she was born – North Shields! A unique name for a unique person.