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Bitton paper mill

25 Feb 2015: Planning application PK15/0532/F has ben lodged with S Glos for major housing development on site of Bitton paper mill.
Mixed use development on 7.4 hectares of land comprising up to 115no new dwellings; change of use of the Gatehouse to commercial use (Use Class B1); change of use of existing ‘canteen’ building to commercial and community uses (Use Classes B1/D1); engineering works to raise the raise the existing ground levels; associated landscaping and the retention of Ash House and Heather House in residential use (Use Class C3) | Golden Valley Mill Bath Road Bitton Gloucestershire BS30 6HJ

There is a heritage statement. This recommends that most of the industrial buildings are not worth saving, which we would tend to agree with except for the Dacora building which it dismisses as being 1920s red brick out of keeping with the general buildings in the village, when it is a good example of contemporary 1920s office building – not many of them about. It makes no mention of a weighbridge next to this building. I think both should be preserved and the Dacora could be easily converted to housing use.

The heritage statement refers only to standing buildings and makes no reference to potential archaeological remains and completely ignores a report produced in 2008 of archaeological assessment and watching brief of some trial pits. This clearly shows potential for archaeological remains which relate to the use of water management in the mill. In addition, as the site borders an important Roman road at a river crossing, there is potential for Roman remains.

We object on the basis of 1) Dacora building and weigh bridge to be retained, 2) No proper assessment on potential damage to archaeological remains.