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Blagdon Beam Engines

A request from Steven Smith of Bristol Waterworks.

The original beam engines are still much admired by those aware of them inside Bristol Water. I have recently picked up this site amongst my other duties; I have the ambition to ensure that we preserve the heritage and get the site re-opened at least on an occasional events basis.

The challenge as ever is finding a way to do our best by these special sites whilst becoming an increasingly efficient business and keeping bills low. Our overall priority is sustainably supplying water at lowest cost, and there are plenty of vulnerable customers needing a bit of extra help. These pumping station sites are increasingly unmanned and we just don’t have the manpower that we used to have. I would welcome proposals from the community to help us! Your group represents another super organisation within our local community; a community whom we remain passionately committed to serving.

It’s one of the best bits about BW….we are genuinely staffed by local people and we all want to do our bit for our community! Please do let me know if you feel that you might help in some way; even if it is helping with a few extra inspections or run ups each year.

Any offers of help etc? please do send a message to BIAS and we will pass them onto Steven.