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PK13/4444/O | Erection of Residential Institution (Class C2) (Outline) with means of access to be determined. All other matters reserved | Land At Harolds Way Hanham Bristol South Gloucestershire BS15 8DU

Cool’s level, which was constructed in the late 17th or early 18th century to drain the Kingswood coal field, is known from a contemporary map to discharge into the Strad brook near the north west boundary of the site. It is possible there would have been buildings associated with this level for construction and maintenance. The mouth of the level would have been a little above the brook level. It then sloped upwards with a shallow gradient in an ESE direction. The access road and northern buildings may lay above this level and could potentially destroy important information about early mining activities. A full archeological survey should be requested before any work takes place. Respond by 26th December 2013