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Historic Footpath

17/06471/LA and 17/06470/F. Install new gates to a listed building. The gates will enclose an access passageway. Basement Floor & Ground Floor Flat 48 Granby Hill Bristol BS8 4LS . Expires 31 Jan 2018.

The historic footpath goes under the house and leads to Hope Square. Residents have documents dated 1790 with their deeds showing this was built as a right of way. And also all other ways and more particularly a right of way for foot passengers only at all proper and reasonable times in the day unto and from said intended Square unto and from the Highway or Road leaving from the Hotwells to Clifton Down through an arched passage intended to be made under a House then erecting and building by said Francis Richards at the North West corner of said Square (said Square being Hope Square). Between 1793 and 1799 Thomas Beddoes had a clinic at Hope Square, Hotwells in Bristol where he treated patients with tuberculosis. Cows grazed in the Square. Humphry Davy his assistant lived nearby in Dowry Square. Write to Public Rights of Way Officer, Transport Service, Bristol City Council PO Box 3176 Bristol BS3 9FS if you have evidence of your use of this path over the last 20 years.