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Ports of the Bristol Channel 1893 – Bath

This excerpt is from Progress Commerce 1893: The Ports of the Bristol Channel; Wales and the West

Bath Representatives of Commerce

  • George Walter Barnes
    Steam Dyer and Cleaner, The Kingsmead Dye Works,” 14, Kingsmead Street. Branch, 23, Claverton Buildings,
  • Charles Barley,
    Indoor and outdoor amusements for both young and old. The Bath Toy Exchange and Fancy Repository,
    6, Corridor,
    year start: 1868
  • Bartholomew’s Turkish Baths
    Turkish Baths, “Edgar Buildings (Top of Milsom Street),
    year start: 1881
  • F. W. Bascomb & Co.
    Hay, Straw, Corn, and Salt Merchants 35, Walcot Street
    year start: 1890
  • Bath City Wagon Works,
    Bath City Wagon Works,
    wagons, carts, trolleys, and business conveyances makers Lower Bristol Road,
    year start: 1850
  • Bath Stone Works
    Stone works Sydenham Wharf
    Lower Bristol Road,
    telegraph: Bladwell, Sydenham Wharf, Bath
  • J. A. Bladwell & Co.
    Slate Importers and General Builders’ Merchants, Broad Quay,
    year start: 1850 telegraph: Bladwell, Quay, Bath
  • J. B. Bowler
    J. B. Bowler
    Manufacturer of Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Cordials, Quinine Tonic, Soda and other Aerated Waters, Corn Street,
    year start: 1876
  • Bowles, Turpin & Co.,
    Auctioneers, Estate Agents and Accountants, 41, Broad Street,
    year start: 1849
  • Bradshaw & Co.
    Seedsmen 43, Walcot Street,
    year start: 1884
  • W. Brimble,
    Practical House and Sign Decorator 7, Margaret’s Place,
    year start: 1873
  • H. Butler,
    H. Butler,
    Boot and Shoe Maker, 23, Union Street, and 3, Union Passage,
  • F. A. Cairns, M.P.S. (From J. Bell & Co., London),
    Pharmaceutical and Analytical Chemist, 14, New Bond Street,
    year start: 1838
  • G. T. Candy,
    G. T. Candy,
    Dairyman, Fruiterer, Greengrocer, Italian Warehouseman, &c. Green Park Dairy, Charles Street (near the Midland Railway Station),
    year start: 1853
  • George Canning
    Cigar Merchant, 19, Old Bond Street,
    year start: 1885 telegraph: Gloriavictis, Bath
  • Chedgzoy & Co.,
    Cabinetmakers, Upholsterers, Bedding Manufacturers, Carpet Factors, Decorators, and Complete House Furnishers, 6, North Parade, and Pierpont Street,
    year start: 1889
  • Collins & Son “
    Booksellers, Stationers and. Newsagents, Post Office,
    4, Margaret’s Buildings,
    Brock Street,
    year start: 1856
  • Chas. Collins
    Chas. Collins
    Fancy Bread and Biscuit Baker, Corn and Flour Factor, Coburg House, and Victoria House, 13 and 14, Widcombe Parade,
    year start: 1873
  • James Colnier Limited,
    Silk Mercers, Drapers, House Furnishers, and General Warehousemen 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 17, Union Street ; 8, 9, and 18, Union Passage ; and 12A, The Corridor,
    year start: 1929
  • Mrs. Y. E. Cooper,
    Ladies’ Boot and Shoe Maker to Her Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. Princess Louise, 28, Milsom Street,
    year start: 1820
  • T. Coward & Son,
    Wholesale Confectioners, and Commission Agents, 31, Stall Street ; 1, Holloway ; and 14, Kingston Road,
    year start: 1892
  • Dill’s Original Pork Shop
    Pork and bacon trade 8, Cheap Street,
    year start: 1784
  • Mr. J. C. Egerton, R.A.S.
    Portrait and Landscape Painter Art Studio,
    18, Milsom Street
    year start: 1891
  • Frederick Elliot
    Boot and. Shoe Manufacturer, 3, Southgate Street
    year start: 1878
  • Ely’s Temperance Hotel (Commercial and Family)
    essentially comfortable hotel 5 and 6, Seymour Street,
    Green Park,
    year start: 1890
  • Embroidery and Fancy Art Neeedlework Establishment,
    fancy art needlework, wools, silks, tapestry, and other materials in great variety. 14A, Old Bond Street,
    year start: 1858
  • J. S. Frampton
    Ironmonger, Brush, China, and Glass Dealer, Carpenter, Builder, &c 9, Margaret’s Buildings,
    Brock Street,
    year start: 1873
  • Francis’s Private Hotels
    Hotel Queen Square, Bennett Street, and Queen’s Parade
    year start: 1883 telegraph: Francis, Bath telephone: 42, 79
  • Friese, Greene, & Co
    Artistic Photographers 31,Gay Street,
  • Fuller & Hick
    Wine and Spirit Merchants Broad Street. Wine Vaults
    year start: 1793
  • Gaudy & Son
    Civil, Naval, and Military Tailors, 9, George Street
    year start: 1806
  • E, C. Glendell
    Hosier, Glover, and Haberdasher, General Drapery and Millinery Establishment, 7, Southgate Street; and 1, Marchant’s Passage,
    year start: 1880
  • J, Goddard & Co
    J, Goddard & Co J, Goddard & Co
    Manufacturing Confectioners, Old Gaol ; Retail Depot : 22, New Bond Street
    year start: 1881 telegraph: Goddard, Old Gaol, Bath
  • Grosvenor College for Ladies
    College Grosvenor
    year start: 1881
  • Gunn’s Cereal Food Manufacturing Company, Limited
    Gunn's Cereal Food Manufacturing Company, Limited
    Victoria Mills and Biscuit Works, Victoria Mills
    year start: 1910 telegraph: Gunn, Bath
  • E. Hall,
    Wholesale and Retail Fruit, Vegetable, Flower, and Seed Merchant, 6, Walcot Buildings
    year start: 1880
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harbutt,
    The Paragon Art Studio 15, Bladud Buildings,
    year start: 1877
  • Hayward & Wooster
    Builders and Contractors Walcot Street
    year start: 1853
  • A. G. Hayward
    Working Jeweller and Goldsmith, Practical Watch and Clock Maker 16, Green Street,
    year start: 1892
  • F. Heafield and Co
    F. Heafield and Co
    The Glove Manufactory 34, Milsom Street
    year start: 1880
  • W. Hitchcock
    Cook and Confectioner, 3, Argyle Street,
    Great Pulteney Street,
    year start: 1790
  • E. A. Holoway,
    Practical Upholsterer, Mattress and Blind Maker, Antique Furniture Dealer 29, Broad Street,
    year start: 1890
  • J. Howard & Son
    Builders, Contractors, and Decorators Edward Street,
  • Humphries & Co.,
    Central Baking Establishment Cheap Street,
    year start: 1818
  • W. Jones & Co.,
    Steam Cake Manufacturers, 1 Westgate Street,
    year start: 1873
  • J. W. Keen
    Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, Old Bridge
    year start: 1873
  • T. Knight & Sons, Limited
    Manufacturers of Domestic Furniture, Decorators 10, Milsom Street
    year start: 1800
  • E. Lansdown
    Wholesale and Retail China, Glass, Earthenware and General Dealer, and Importer of Foreign Goods 46, Southgate Street
    year start: 1850
  • J. J. Lee & Sons “
    Plain and Fancy Cardboard Box Manufacturers, 3 and 15, Trim Street,
    year start: 1870
  • Milsom & Son
    Pianoforte, Harmonium, American Organ, and Music Sellers 15, Milsom Street
    year start: 1825
  • E. & W. Mundy
    E. & W. Mundy
    Furnishing and General Ironmongers 8, Stall Street
    year start: 1850
  • G. A. Mundy,
    Bookseller, Librarian, Newsagent, and General Stationer, Bath and West of England Library,
    8, Bridge Street,
    year start: 1790
  • J. Parsons
    Builder and General Contractor, Railway Place,
    year start: 1891
  • Edward Peacock & Sons “
    Edward Peacock & Sons
    Fishmongers, Poulterers, Game and Venison Dealers, and Ice Merchants, 14, Union Street
    year start: 1853 telephone: 7
  • James Phillis
    Practical Coach, ‘Bus, and Light Delivery Van Builder, Corn Market Yard Coach Works,
    Walcot Street,
    year start: 1800
  • Miss Phillput,
    Depot for Baby Layettes and Ladies’ Trousseaux, 8 1/2, Bartlett Street,
    year start: 1850
  • James Poulsom,
    Coal Merchant and General Haulier, 2, Broad Quay,
    year start: 1873
  • Powell & Powell “
    Cabinetmakers, Upholsterers, Auctioneers, Undertakers, Valuers, and warehousemen, 18, Old Bond Street, and City Auction Mart, Quiet Street
    year start: 1819 telegraph: Powells, Bath, and Depositing, London. telephone: 18
  • Walter Pratley,
    Fishmonger, Poulterer, and Game Dealer, 49, Southgate Street,
    year start: 1873
  • James Sculthorpe,
    Picture Restorer, Carver and Gilder, 14, Green Street,
    year start: 1821
  • Walter E Shackell,
    The Original Dairyman, Royal Crescent and Circus Dairy,
    20, Catherine Place,
    Margaret’s Buildings,
    year start: 1815
  • W. H. SMITH,
    W. H. SMITH
    Manufacturer of Portmanteaus, Trunks, Bags, &c. The Nineteenth Century
    9, Cheap Street, Bishop’s Court,
  • Mrs. H. G. Sollis,
    Wholesale and Retail Fruiterer, 13, Bridge Street, and New Market Row
    year start: 1793
  • The Bath Paper Mills Company, Limited
    paper mill Bathford,
    year start: 1876
  • The Bath and Somersetshire Dairy Company, Limited,
    The Bath and Somersetshire Dairy Company, Limited,
    Wholesale and Retail Milk and Butter Merchants 3, Bladud Buildings,
    year start: 1806
  • The Bear Brewery
    The Bear Brewery
    Brewery Wells Road,
    year start: 1785
  • The Clarence Private and Commercial Temperance Hotel,
    Temperance Hotel, Kingsmead Square,
    year start: 1885
  • The Farm Produce Supply Association
    Farm and dairy produce 6, Abbey Churchyard, Stall Street, Stratton-on-the- Fosse,
    year start: 1880
  • The Fernley Temperance Hotel
    The Fernley Temperance Hotel
    Temperance Hotel North Parade,
    year start: 1836
  • The Grand Pump Room Hotel
    The Grand Pump Room Hotel
    Hotel opposite the Abbey
    year start: 1869
  • The Great Western Temperance Hotel.
    fulfilling every requirement of a first-class family and commercial hotel. (opposite the Station)
    year start: 1843
  • The Pulteney Hotel (late Stead’s),
    The Pulteney Hotel (late Stead's),
    Hotel 1 and 2, Great Pulteney Street, and 33, Henrietta Street,
    year start: 1866
  • The Stanley Family and Commercial Hotel.
    comfortable accommodation on moderate terms. Manvers Street,
    year start: 1892
  • J. R. Townsend,
    Woodturner and Fretcntter, 16, Trim Street,
    year start: 1843
  • Treadwin Dobbs
    Treadwin Dobbs
    The Pottery Galleries, 20, Milsom Street,
    year start: 1790
  • Vezey & Co
    Coachbuilders, Harness-makers 19,Milsom Street, and Long Acre,
    year start: 1790
  • Charles Wadman
    Steam Loo-table Manufacturer and Timber Merchant Lower James Street
    year start: 1850
  • George Watts,
    Plumber, Bath and Water-closet Erector .7 Painter, Glazier and General Contractor, 3, Cleveland Terrace (Workshops, 4, Hat and Feather Yard).
    year start: 1873
  • George Whiting
    Ironmonger, Cutler and Saw Manufacturer, 49, Walcot Street
    year start: 1828
  • Yabsley’s Bath
    Yabsley's Bath
    Fine Art and Photographic Depot, 9 and 10, Old Bond Street,
    year start: 1887
  • York House Hotel,
    York House Hotel,
    Hotel, centrally situated in the best quarter of Bath
    year start: 1813 telephone: 59