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Ports of the Bristol Channel 1893 – Bristol

This excerpt is fromProgress Commerce 1893: The Ports of the Bristol Channel; Wales and the West

Bristol Representatives of Commerce

  • Alfred Sargent Vosper
    Baker, Corn, Flour, and Seed Factor
    62, West Street Bedminster
    year start: 1820
  • James W. Arrowsmith
    Printer and Publisher 11,Quay Street
    year start: 1829
  • T. W. Aspinall
    Builder and General Contractor 21 and 31, Nelson Parade
    year start: 1885
  • Austin & Oates
    Specialists in Ecclesiastical Furniture and Decorations, Booksellers, Stationers, Printers, and Fancy Goods Importers
    41, 43, and 45, Park Street St Augustine
    year start: 1850
  • Avery & Co
    Wine and Spirit Merchants Park Street Viaduct
    year start: 1793
  • J. Baker & Son
    Publishers, Manufacturing Stationers, and Foreign Importers, The Mall
    year start: 1870
  • Mrs. A. J. Ball
    Family Butcher, 135, Gloucester Road,
    year start: 1881
  • William Bennett
    Lithographer, Printer, Wholesale and Retail Stationer, 43, Broad Street,
    year start: 1860
  • Betty Brothers and Co
    Hat Manufacturers
    28 and 30, Victoria Street, St Mary Redcliffe
    year start: 1868 telegraph: Industria, Bristol
  • Bick, Wright & Co
    Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers, and General House Furnishers 7 and 8, St. James’s Barton
    year start: 1850
  • Frederick Bligh Bond
    Architect 36, Corn Street
    All Saints
    year start: 1888
  • T. W. Bott
    Hatter and Hosier 1, Wine Street
    year start: 1881
  • B. Bowering
    Corn and Seed Merchant 19 and 20, Narrow Wine Street
    year start: 1874
  • George Bracher
    Plumber, Glazier, Painter 65, Redeliff Street
    year start: 1793
  • Brain & Bryant
    Wholesale and Export Boot and Shoe Manufacturers
    Clouds Hill Boot Factory, St George
    year start: 1889
  • Bristol Goldsmiths’ Alliance and Manufacturing Company
    Goldsmiths 30, College Green
    year start: 1882 telegraph: Alliance, Bristol
  • Bromhead & Son
    Wholesale Ironmongers and Hardware Factors, Stove and Range Manufacturers, Milk Street
    year start: 1823
  • Brown & Wigley “
    Hat and Cap Manufacturers and Wholesale Warehousemen” Union Street, and Narrow Wine Street
    year start: 1843
  • Browne & Pierce
    House Decorators, Painters, Paperhangers, Gliders, Writers, 7, Worrall Road
    Clifton year start: 1892
  • E. Burnell
    Sculptor in Marble, Stone, and Granite, 13, Nelson Parade
    Bedminster year start: 1873
  • Burridge and Co
    Produce Brokers
    1, Lion Chambers
    Broad Street, Centre
    year start: 1878
  • Byrt, Wood & Co
    Tobacco, Cigar, and Cigarette Manufacturers” Stokes Croft
    year start: 1860
  • Chamberlain, Pole & Co
    Corn and Flour Merchants 39, 41, 43, 45, and 47, Union Street, and 6 and 7, Broadmead
    year start: 1868
  • Fred Chave
    Fred ChaveFred Chave
    Hosier, Hatter, Glover Central Toilet Club
    Croft House
    Stokes Croft
    year start: 1892
  • Chittock & Co
    Wholesale Boot and Shoe Manufacturers 13, Dean Street
    Portland Square
    year start: 1890
  • G. and A. Clark
    Booksellers, Stationers, Printers, and Bookbinders, 15, Chandos Road,
    year start: 1886
  • J.T.Clarke
    clarke clarke
    Wholesale Stationer, Lithographic and Letterpress Printer, Account-book manufacturer 65, Milk Street
    year start: 1876
  • Cornforth & Houghton
    Tailors 47, College Green
    year start: 1890
  • Colley, Hartnell & Co
    Stay and Corset Manufacturers Orchard Road
    St. George year start: 1888
  • Thomas Cooksley
    Dairy Farmer “The Manor Farm Dairy”
    Portland Place
    Clifton year start: 1881
  • W. & A. Cooksley
    Wholesale Ironmongers and Manufacturers of Horse Nails St. Philip’s
    year start: 1841
  • W. S. Cox
    year start: 1888 telephone: 711
  • Crates & Parker
    crates parker
    Wholesale and Export Boot and Shoe Manufacturers
    Kingswood year start: 1889
  • S. Curtis
    Fancy Bread and Biscuit Baker, Corn Dealer 149, Gloucester Road
    Bishopston year start: 1866
  • Davey & Co
    Removal Contractors, House Furnishers, Auctioneers, House and Estate Agents 61 and 63, Cotham Hill, and 33, West Park
    Clifton year start: 1846
  • A. Davis
    Family Butcher and Parveyor of English Meat 251, Hotwell Road
    Hotwells year start: 1794
  • H. Densham & Son
    Tanners Redcross Street Tannery
    year start: 1863
  • James Dole & Co
    Provision Merchants, 82, 83, and 10, West Street,
    Bedminster year start: 1783
  • Dudley and Gibson
    Coal and Gravel Merchants
    Clifton Coal Wharf”
    Hotwells, and Clifton Down Station, Clifton
    year start: 1854
  • Messrs. R. Durie & Co
    Messrs. R. Durie & Co
    Merchant Tailors and Outfitters 23, 24, and 25, High Street,
    year start: 1869
  • F. G. Emery
    Family Baker and Flour Dealer 164, Hotwell Road
    year start: 1798
  • J. Farmer
    window Blind Manufacturer Stapleton Road
    year start: 1872
  • George Fear
    Watch and Clock Maker The Observatory
    10, Christmas Steps
    year start: 1871
  • J.S. Fry and sons
    Chocolate and Cocoa Manufacturers
    Union Street, Nelson Street and Quay Street, St John the Baptist
    year start: 1728 telegraph: Fry, Bristol
  • W. Galbraith
    Builder, Contractor, Pennant and Lime Stone Merchant Hotwell Road
    year start: 1873 telegraph: Galbraith, Bristol telephone: 66
  • Garlick & Sons
    Hatters, Hosiers, and Shirt-makers 87 and 88, Castle Street
    year start: 1846
  • George Gibbs
    Gun and Rifle Manufacturer 39, Corn Street
    year start: 1835
  • Gooddy, Cripps & Sons
    gooddy cripps
    Importers of Marble, Caen Stone etc Canons’ Marsh
    year start: 1843 telegraph: Cripps, Bristol. telephone: 201
  • T. Griffiths
    Currier and Leather-dresser Frome Bridge Tannery
    year start: 1884
  • C. A. Hayes
    Builder and Contractor Thomas Street, Commercial Road, Cumberland Basin
    year start: 1877 telegraph: Hayes, Contractor, Bristol telephone: 448
  • F. Heafield & Co
    The Glove Manufactory 20, Park Street
    year start: 1889
  • Heber Denty
    English and Foreign Timber Merchant Canon’s Marsh
    year start: 1853 telegraph: Denty, Bristol telephone: 197
  • James Fawn & Son
    Booksellers The Bristol Book Mart
    Queen’s Road
    year start: 1828
  • W. F. Higgins
    China and Glass Show-rooms 107, Stokes Croft
    year start: 1883
  • W. Hill
    Bed and Bedding Manufacturer 12, Lower Castle Street, and Narrow Weir
    year start: 1882
  • G. Y. Home & Co
    British Wine Makers and Rectifiers, Proprietors of Stivens’s Original Green Ginger Wine, and Foreign Wine Merchants Redcross Street
    St Pauls year start: 1841
  • Henry George Thomas
    Dealer in Music and Musical Instruments
    Wagner House
    180a, Cheltenham Road, Cotham
  • Howes Brothers
    Newfoundland Hat Works Newfoundland Road
    year start: 1823
  • Hunt & Watts
    hunt watts
    Wholesale and Export Boot and Shoe Manufacturers Standard Boot Factory
    St George
    year start: 1867
  • John Cordeux and Sons cordeaux2 cordeaux3 cordeaux4
    general Drapers, Silk Mercers, Costume Manufacturers, complete House Furnishers
    Next the Post Office
    Regent Street, and Merchant’s Road, Victoria Square, Clifton
    year start: 1860 telegraph: Cordeaux Sons, Clifton telephone: 595
  • A. Fussell & Sons
    Wholesale Boot and Shoe Manufacturers” Kingswood Hill
    Kingswood year start: 1853
  • Daniel Frederick Green
    Registered Plumber, Sanitary Specialist, and Hot-water Engineer 75,Milk Street, Bristol ; Shop at 65, Cotham Hill
    year start: 1870
  • C. J. Hill
    Hosier, Glover, and Shirt-maker 22, Clare Street
    year start: 1868
  • Henry Hill’s
    Printing Office and Paper Warehouse 11, St. John Street
    year start: 1836
  • R. Houghton & Co
    Furnishing Ironmongers, Cutlers, and Dealers in Best ElectroPlate 1, St. Augustine’s Parade,
    year start: 1868
  • John Hunter
    Tailor, Hosier 67, Castle Street
    Castle Precincts year start: 1861
  • Imperial Hotel
    Clifton year start: 1878
  • J. Jefferies & Sons
    Limekilns Dry Dock and New Quay Iron Works” Hotwell Road
    year start: 1872
  • Jones & Wainwright
    Timber and Slate Importers Canons’ Marsh
    year start: 1844
  • Jones & Co
    Wholesale China, Glass, and Hardware Merchants” 70, Castle Street
    year start: 1873
  • F. R. Jordan
    General and Commercial Printer,Stationer”
    115, Redcliffe Street, St Mary Redcliffe
    year start: 1887
  • Richard S. King
    Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, and Sugar Merchant West Street, 5 Queens Road
    Bedminster year start: 1871
  • Henry Lambert
    Goldsmith, Silversmith, Watchmaker, and Jeweller, 27, Triangle, and 63, Queen’s Road
    year start: 1860
  • F. V. Larway
    Brewers’ Cooper Vauxhall Cooperage
    Ashton Gate year start: 1878
  • Lewis & Co
    Complete Undertakers and Funeral Feathermen 33, Stoke’s Croft
    year start: 1846
  • Thomas R. Lewis
    Builder and Contractor Clifton Vale
    year start: 1863
  • J. P. Linthorn & Son
    Wholesale Boot Manufacturers
    Hanham year start: 1873
  • Lyde & Naish
    Manufacturers’ Haberdashers 6 and 17, St. Stephen’s Street
    year start: 1887
  • W. H. Mason
    Watchmaker and Jeweller 2, Portland Place
    Clifton year start: 1868
  • May & Hassell
    Timber, Mahogany, and Slate Merchants
    Cumberland Road, Redcliffe
    year start: 1775
  • J. E. Maynard
    Wholesale Ironmonger and Factor 2 Stokes Croft
    year start: 1863
  • Melhuish & Dew
    Coachbuilders 46, Maudlin Street
    year start: 1873
  • Messrs. Brightmans
    Boot and Shoe Manufacturers opposite St. Augustine’s Bridge
    St Augustine
  • Messrs. Parnall and Sons,
    Patentees and Manufacturers of the Patent Agate Scales, Specialists in Shop Fitting, etc.
    21 and 22, Narrow Wine Street, St John the Baptist
    year start: 1820 telegraph: Parnall, Bristol telephone: 356
  • Messrs. Sloper and Co
    Manufacturers of Tobaccos, Cigars, and Cigarettes, and Importers of Tobacconists’ Fancy Goods”
    West Street, Bedminster
    year start: 1868
  • Messrs. William Cowlin & Son
    Builders, Contractors, Decorators
    Stratton Street, St Peter
    year start: 1834
  • W. H. Midwinter and Co.
    48, Park Street, St Augustine
    year start: 1861
  • T. H. Millard
    Watchmaker, Jeweller, and Silversmith 4, Dolphin Street
    year start: 1843
  • R. W Miller & Co
    Stokes Croft Brewery Stokes Croft
    year start: 1793
  • J. H. Mogg
    Dealer in Works of Art, Antiquities 3, Park Street
    year start: 1887
  • H. P. Moon & Son
    Tailors, Undertakers, and Clothworkers 13, Perry Road
    year start: 1852
  • R. C. Murray & Co
    Wholesale Clothiers and Woollen Warehousemen” Victoria Street
    year start: 1873 telegraph: Murray, Bristol
  • F. Newcombe
    Carver, Gilder and Printseller 73, Park Street
    year start: 1868
  • Nimrod Cycle Company
    Nimrod Cycle Company
    Nimrod cycles St. James’s Square
    year start: 1886
  • Octavius Hunt
    Manufacturer of Safety, Paraffin, and Vesuvian Matches Moorfields
    year start: 1870
  • The Oldland Colliery Company, Limited
    Coal, California Collieries, Oldland Common
    year start: 1891
  • Thomas Ostler
    Furnishing Ironmonger and Cutler, Lamp and Chandelier Warehouse 46, Park Street
    year start: 1863
  • T. Page Wood & CoGunmakers High Street
    year start: 1876
  • Daniel Parsley & Son
    Hat Manufacturers 20, Clare Street
    All Saints
    year start: 1854
  • Perry and Co
    Carriage Manufacturers
    Stokes Croft, St Pauls
    year start: 1804
  • Phillips, Hoskins and Co
    Soap Manufacturers
    Frome Bridge Soap -Works” ,Eastville
    year start: 1882
  • Poole Brothers
    Shippers of Steam and House Coal, and Contractors for Freighting,
    Hotwell Road, Hotwells
    year start: 1800 telegraph: Galbraith, Bristol telephone: 66
  • T. X. Porter
    Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, 19 Old Market Street
    year start: 1871 telegraph: Porter, Bristol
  • W. Pottinger & Co
    Billiard and Bagatelle Table Manufacturers Hanmer’s Buildings
    Park Street
    year start: 1873
  • E Priest and co
    Taff Vale Iron works
    Narrow Wine Street, St John the Baptist
    year start: 1891
  • Thomas Protheroe
    Photographer and Portrait Painter, 36, Wine Street, Bristol ; and 37, White Ladies Road
    Clifton year start: 1871
  • B. Pullin
    Anatomical Boot Maker 57, Stokes Croft
    year start: 1885
  • Randall & Walls
    Tailors 50, Park Street
    year start: 1873
  • E. W. Redwood heafield_staining.jpg
    Importer of Sewing and Knitting Machines, and Knitted Hosiery Manufacturer 65, Castle Street
    Castle Precincts
    year start: 1872
  • William Rees
    Grocer and Provision Stores 43, Gloucester Road
    Bishopston year start: 1873
  • G. P. Reynolds
    Butcher 19, Park Street
    year start: 1873
  • De Ridder & Co
    Surveyors and Estate Agents 101, White Ladies Road
    Clifton year start: 1872
  • E. S. and A. Robinson and Co. robinson2 robinson3
    Wholesale Stationers and Account-book blakers, Printers, Chromo-Lithographers, Paper bag Manufacturers,”
    Redcliffe and Victoria Streets, St Mary Redcliffe
    year start: 1844
  • Royal Hotel
    Hotel College Green
    year start: 1868
  • St. Vincent’s Rocks Hotel “
    St. Vincent's Rocks Hotel
    Hotel Sion Hill
    year start: 1868
  • S. Shirley & Son
    Co-operative Stores Victoria Street, Clifton; White Ladies Road; Clifton Supply, Mall, Clifton
    year start: 1865
  • Samuel Bevan
    Wholesale and Export Boot Manufacturer
    year start: 1873
  • Samuel Miller
    Jewellery, Lamps, Clock, Bronze and Electro-plate Warehouse, Manufacturer of First-class Leather Goods, 8, 9, 10, Park Street Viaduct
    St Augustines
    year start: 1850
  • Saville, Ewens & Co
    Isinglass Importers, Finings Manufacturers, and Brewers’ Sundrymen
    Albert Works, Bedminster
    year start: 1867
  • Scottish Widows’ Fund and Life Assurance Society
    mutual life assurance Corn Street
    All Saints
    year start: 1815
  • Frederick J. Scutt,
    Tailor and Juvenile Outfitter 57, Gloucester Road,
    year start: 1881
  • G. W. Skinner & Co
    Hat and Cap Manufacturers Castle House
    Castle Street
    year start: 1840
  • J. W. Smart
    Billiard-table Manufacturer, and Billiard Oil Lamp and Gasfitting Maker 15, College Green, and St. George’s Road
    year start: 1860
  • James Smith & Sons
    West of England Perambulator and Invalid-chair Works 1, 2 and 3, St. Augustine’s Place
    year start: 1855
  • E. Spreckley
    Tea, Grocery, and Provision Stores 100, Stoke’s Croft
    St Pauls
    year start: 1868
  • Stephens & Co
    Tailors, Hatters, and Woollen Merchants 14 and 15, Christmas Street
    St Michael
    year start: 1884
  • Stephens & Eyre
    Wholesale and Manufacturing Stationers and Printers Narrow Wine Street and Castle Green
    St John the Baptist
    year start: 1832
  • J. M. Stevens & Co
    Hatters, Hosiers, and Shirt Tailors 52, Park Street
    year start: 1881
  • H. O. Strong
    Engineer and Machinist Norfolk Work
    Gloucester Street
    St Pauls
    year start: 1877
  • J. P. Sturge & Sons
    Surveyors and Land Agents
    34, Corn Street, All Saints
    year start: 1760
  • The Bristol Collieries Company
    Coal, Malago Colliery and Brick Works
    Bedminster year start: 1873 telegraph: Malago, Bristol
  • The Bristol Steam Carpet-beating Company Ltd
    bristol steam carpet beating
    Dyers, Cleaners 27, Park Row, and 35, Regent Street
    Clifton year start: 1884
  • The Bristol United Breweries, Limited
    Lewin’s Mead Brewery, Lewins Mead year start: 1889
  • The Continental restaurant
    Restaurant 35, High Street
  • The Don Association of Manufacturers
    Clothiers,Tailors, Hosiers” 45 and 46, Wine Street
    year start: 1883
  • The Grocers’ Alliance
    Grocers Waverley House
    Hampton Road
    Redland year start: 1887
  • The London and West of England Yeast Company
    Importers and Manufacturers 137, Victoria Street
    year start: 1875 telegraph: Yeast, Bristol
  • The Royal Talbot Hotel
    Royal Talbot Hotel
    Hotel Victoria Street
    year start: 1875 telegraph: Talbot
  • Thomas Thatcher
    Engraver, Die-sinker, Bookbinder,Stationer and printer 44, College Green
    year start: 1863
  • Edmund Trump, Baker
    Corn and Flour Factor The Castle Baking Company,
    Castle House,
    3, Castle Street,
    year start: 1863
  • Venn. & Son
    Cigar Merchants and Tobacconists 56, Redcliff Hill
    year start: 1846
  • Walsh & Co
    Clothing Manufacturers, Woollen and Manchester warehousemen,” Quay Street and Bell Lane
    year start: 1838
  • Thomas Ware & Sons
    Tanners, Carriers Clift House Tannery
    Coronation Road
    year start: 1878 telegraph: Ware, Tanner, Bristol telephone: 329
  • Wathen, Gardiner & Co
    Wholesale and Export Clothiers 38, Broad Street
    year start: 1801
  • W. Edward Jones F.R.I.B.A
    Architect, Liverpool Chambers”
    Corn Street,
    year start: 1873
  • R. H. Warlow
    Ironmonger, Cutler, and Tool Dealer The Bristol Tool Warehouse
    2, Castle Street
    Castle Precincts
    year start: 1868
  • Warton & Co
    Mercantile, Legal, and Family Stationers, 13, Clare Street
    year start: 1892 telephone: 456
  • George Webb
    Musical Instrument Maker and Repairer Lower Park Row
    year start: 1881 telegraph: Webb, Bandmaster, Bristol
  • R. F. Webb & Co.
    Wholesale Corn, Coal, Salt and General Forage Contractors” Avon Street
    St. Philip’s year start: 1840 telegraph: Salt, Bristol telephone: 263
  • Charles Wheeler
    Baker and Confectioner 8, Portland Place (The Mall),
    year start: 1821
  • W. H. White & Son
    Boot and Shoe Manufacturers 4, Cave Street
    St Pauls year start: 1883
  • Mark Whitwill & Son
    Steam and Sailing Ship Brokers, Insurance and commission Agents Grove Avenue
    Queen’s Square
    year start: 1831 telegraph: Whitwill, Bristol
  • William Butler and Co
    Tar, Rosin, and Oil Distillers, Turpentine, Rosin, and Tar Importers
    St. Philip’s and Crew’s Hole, St Philips
    year start: 1843 telegraph: Butler, Bristol
  • William George’s Sons
    The Book Store, Top Corner Park Street
    year start: 1847
  • William G. Lewis
    Builders’ Merchant Clifton Vale
    year start: 1892
  • William Pow & Co
    Wholesale Boot Manufacturers Kingswood Hill
    year start: 1880
  • William Roberts & Co
    Ready-money Tailors 32,Park Street
    year start: 1863
  • H. Williams
    Architect 28, Clare Street
    All Saints
    year start: 1873
  • George Wills
    Dealer in Fine Art Property 49, Park Street,
    year start: 1881
  • Wood & Co
    Complete Undertakers Perry Road
    year start: 1879
  • Yeandel
    Wholesale and Retail Baltic Ceiling Lath Manufacturer, Cheltenham Road
    year start: 1879
  • Young and Neilson
    Wholesale and Export Manufacturers and Patentees of the celebrated Y. & N. Patent Corsets
    11 & 12, Portland Square, and Norfolk Avenue, St Pauls
    year start: 1865 telegraph: Diagonal, Bristol