Useful Planning websites

Information about planning:

  • general planning information
  • Applications currently or recently being considered by BIAS
  • CHIS Planning Advice and Information
  • Planning Policies
  • Communities and Local Government
  • Bristol City Council planning online shows application details and enables you to comment on them
  • Bristol City Council Conservation and Historic Environment
  • Bristol Local Plan (see chapter 4 for definitions of policies B1-22) now mostly superceded by the Bristol Core Strategy and Development Plan. Policies B2, B5-6, B9-11, B15-18, B21-22 are still valid as are environmental policies ME
  • the national planning website.
  • is a free to use internet portal for everyone. They send you an email whenever a planning application is submitted close to your registered postcode. PlanningFinder works by searching for applications on local authorities’ websites and then calculates which ones are close to you. The service is for anyone who values their environment, be it town or country, who wants to know about changes which could affect the character of their locality.
  • Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network Bristol NPN is a voluntary, self-help network of neighbourhood based, resident Ied groups within Bristol who are or want to be involved in the planning of their area either through the production of a local plan and/or making comments upon planning applications.
  • Planning Aid is a voluntary service offering free, independent and professional advice on town planning matters to community groups and individuals who cannot afford to employ a planning consultant.
  • planning portal that puts you in touch with planning services throughout Scotland, England & Wales. Working in partnership with local authorities. Planning Doctor very useful for independent answers
  • Network of Residents’ Association (includes section on housing legislation)
  • BBC
  • Bristol City Council
  • Solar Energy includes a solar map to find an estimate of how much solar power you could generate from your post code.
  • Compare Solar Panel Quotes In 3 Easy Steps
  • BBC web site about planning matters
  • Campaign for Planning Sanity– free advice line for local communities and campaign groups affected by adverse planning
  • Planning Inspectorate. Gives notes for the guidance of Inspectors as well as for the campaigners for appeals and public inquiries
  • English Heritage Listing and Designation
  • The Open Spaces Society. This society protects common land and public rights of way; it can also help to register a new ‘green’. The address is Open Spaces Society, 25a Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2BA
  • Images of England is a ‘point in time’ photographic library of England’s listed buildings, recorded at the turn of the 21st century.
    You can view over 300,000 images of England’s built heritage from lamp posts to lavatories, phone boxes to toll booths, mile stones to gravestones, as well as thousands of bridges, historic houses and churches.
    The site brings together the English Heritage online “list” of listed buildings, The “Images of England” website (which also includes most listed buildings but also has pictures of some) and the “pastscape” site which has archeological records. All of these were available before but it is nice that they are in one place.
  • The HER – which stands for Historic Environment Records (otherwise known as the SMR- Sites and monuments record) has also been available online for a while along with various other resources e.g Take a look at the following page on the English Heritage site
    The joy of this latest site appears to be that it searches several of these at once