BIAS Journal Index

journal_no 1Editorial ConferenceCoverpublish_date1968
The Genius of Industrial ArchaeologyAngus Buchanan
The Language of Bristol BrassJoan Day
The Port of Bristol Underfall Yard – Survey for NRIMFDC Jeffery & SJ Jacobi
Turnpike Roads of the Bristol RegionNeil Cossons & BIAS Survey
A note on the BATH ROADSAngus Buchanan and Don Browning
journal_no 2EditorialCoverpublish_date1969
Bibliography of Industrial BristolTony Woolrich
Clevedon Pier – a noteBryan Brown
Combe Hay Caisson LockAngus Buchanan
Hospital Steam Engines in BristolJohn Sawtell
Preservation of Viking Ships in OsloS & P Stuckey
Redcliff Shot TowerJohn Mosse
Some Comments on the Art of papermakingBrian Attwood
The Mills of the Bristol FromeOwen Ward
The Old Market Sugar Refinery 1684 -1908Robin Stiles
journal_no 3Editorial NewsCoverpublish_date1970
Bristol Electricity SupplyGeorge Watkins
Bristol Quay BollardsGrahame Farr
My Life in Bromley Colliery 1917-1922AH Parsons
The BIAS Papermills SurveyBrian Attwood
The Nettlebridge Valley Ham MillRobin Atthill
journal_no 4Editorial NewsCoverpublish_date1971
Bishop Sutton Mill – BIAS SurveyRobin Stiles
Bristol Temple Meads StationJohn Mosse
Excavation at Kings Mill, StapletonOwen Ward & John Cornwell
Kingswood Coal – Part 1Matt Southway
Mendip SurveyBurgess, Hawtin, Richards
Mendip Survey- Pattinson PlantFrank Hawtin
Mendip Survey- Singing River MineChris Richards
Mendip Survey- Ubley RakesBob Burgus
Nailsea GlassworksB Greenhill
Swedish Travellers to BristolTony Woolrich
journal_no 5Editorial NewsCoverpublish_date1972
BIAS Turnpike Roads Survey – Part 2SA Rees
Bristol and the Aircraft IndustryCH Barnes
Kingswood Coal – Part 2Matt Southway
The Beginnings of Electricity Supply in Bristol 1889-1902DG Tucker
journal_no 6Editorial NewsCoverpublish_date1973
Bristol City Docks – Items for ListingRobin Stiles
Charcoal Blast FurnacesTrevor Daff
Claverton Pumping StationDavid Rivers
Column1Martin Watts
journal_no 7Windmills of SomersetCoverpublish_date1974
Editorial NewsTony Woolrich
Bristol and the 1851 ExhibitionOwen Ward
Priston MillJoan Day
The Albert Mill, Keynsham, SurveyDavid Cocks
The WCA Warehouse, Redcliff WharfBrian Attwood
Water MarkingMartin Watts
journal_no 8Wookey Hole Paper MillCoverpublish_date1975
Editorial (Railway monuments) NewsChris Powell & Roger Wilkes
Blindbacks for BrassworkersJohn Cornwell
Fussell’s Ironworks, Mells, SomersetMartin Watts
John Padmore’s Cranes at Bath & BristolStan Coates & Gordon Tucker
Mills of the Monnow and Troddi BasinsMartin Doughty and Owen Ward
Shortwood BrickworksDavid Janes
The Fairbairn Steam Crane, BristolMarlin Doughty & Owen Ward
The Somerset Coal Canal Caisson Lock
journal_no 9Page 1 of 7Coverpublish_date1976
Editorial (Mines of Avon) NewsAmina Chatwin
A Plan Identified (Cuckold’s Pill)Martin Watts
Animal Powered Machinery in the Bristol RegionTom Fisher & David Jones
Steam in the Underfall YardMatt Southway
The Bedminster Connection : Kingswood Coal – Part 3John Robson
The Clandown PassbyeHugh Torrens
The Early Years of Stothert & PittJoan Day & BIAS Survey
journal_no 10The Old Brass Mills, SaltfordCoverpublish_date1977
Editorial (10 years) NewsGraham Davis
Coalmining at Newton St LoeJoseph Bryant
Ropewalks & Ropemakers of BristolPaul Elkin
Bristol Industrial MuseumPaul Elkin
The Grenville Steam CarriageTom Fisher & David Jones
The Port of Bristol Underfall YardC Schmitz
The Quarries & Mines of LundyJohn Van Laun
journal_no 11Tramroads in the ClydachCoverpublish_date1978
EditorialWill Harris
Charfield StationJohn Powell
Fullers Earth from MidfordPeter Skinner
Pumping Bristol’s Water – Part 1Robin Bluhm
The First Railway Locomotive in the West of England (at Clandown)Owen Ward
The Mills of the Bristol Frome and its TributariesPhilip Wooster
journal_no 12The Stone Industry at BathCoverpublish_date1979
EditorialPeter Skinner
Pumping Bristol’s Water – Part 2MA Elton
The Elton CollectionTom Fisher & John Powell
The Hydraulic System in Bristol City DocksMonty Ellis
The introduction of the Telephone System to BristolRoy Day
The Iron Industry in Wiltshire 1856-1939D Hague
journal_no 13Victoria Bridge, BathCoverpublish_date1980
EditorialOwen Ward & Will Harris
Charfield Block, Tile and Brick WorksHB Hopkins
Cog Mill, Frampton CotterellRoy Day
Ferro-concreteR. Holland
Tar Distillation at Crew’s HoleG Yeates
The Limekilns of ClevedonC Powell
The Victorian Building IndustryH Torrens
journal_no 14Winwoods of Bristol – Part 1Coverpublish_date1981
EditorialG Barnfield
Bristol Life-boat MuseumDavid Helps
Bristols Small Shops (Shopfronts)H Hopkins
Frampton Cotterell MillM Corfield
John Ward and the K and A Canal – Part 1G Watkins
Steam Power in BristolC Clinker
The Avon and Gloucestershire RailwayRoy Day
journal_no 15Times of the SignsCoverpublish_date1982
EditorialK Ponting
19th Century Textile Invention in the West of EnglandD Pollard
Bath Stone Quarry Railways 1796-1830S Pippard
Hollybrook BricksM Corfield
John Ward and the K&A Canal – Part 2P Wakelin & Joan Day
Joseph Harris in Bristol, 1748J. Bettley
journal_no 16Trade & Working Conditions in Bristol, 1865Coverpublish_date1983
EditorialR Holland
Alkali Production at the NethamHM Wills
Ballooning in BathP Lamb
Early days of Electricity in the SWAndy King
Mayflower – Bristol’s other Iron ShipJohn Rich
New Dock at PillC Miller
journal_no 17EditorialCoverpublish_date1984
Whitfield – a Victorian Model FarmC Weedon
Bristol GlassmakersJ Powell
Brunel Lock and the Feeder CutEric Taylor
Limekilns in AvonJ Mosse
The ‘Firefly’ ProjectP Stuckey
The Lovely Ketch ‘Irene’Owen Ward
journal_no 18EditorialCoverpublish_date1985
The ‘Slaughter’ of the French Millstone MakersRoy Webber
Ashton Gate – Industrial Development of a SuburbEric Taylor
Limekilns on MendipHE Dommett
Nailsea and the Glassworks – Part 1M Bone
The Bridport Flax and Hemp IndustryRoy Day
journal_no 19EditorialCoverpublish_date1986
The Picture Palace – its Coming and GoingP Stembridge
A Bristol Coalbrookdale Connection – the GoldneysB Buchanan
A Study of Gunpowder MakingC Bemrose
Bathford Paper MillC Powell
Bristol and CoalbrookdaleHE Dommett
Nailsea and the Glassworks – Part 2Monty Ellis
journal_no 20EditorialCoverpublish_date1987
The Early History of the Telephone in BathHE Dommett
Nailsea and the Glassworks – Part 3M Chapman
The Somerset Coal Canal – a Cartographical SurveyR Stiles
The Somerset Coal CombinationJ Broome
journal_no 21EditorialCoverpublish_date1988
Tucking Mill, BathTony Woolrich
Church Farm Colliery, MangotsfieldDavid Pollard
Digging Bath Stone MinesJohn Cornwell
IA & the Avon Ring RoadEric Taylor
Three Regional Styles of LimekilnKeith Thomas
journal_no 22EditorialCoverpublish_date1989
Waggons of the A and G TramroadKeith Thomas
Discoveries in Poplar Road (Avon and Gloucestershire Tramroad)Ray Holland
Fertilisers, Farming and Philanthropy – the Proctor StoryRon Fullagar
Malting in MarshfieldMartin Bodman
journal_no 23EditorialCoverpublish_date1990
Mills of the Upper ChewJohn Cornwell
Excavation and Conservation of the Golden Valley Colliery, BittonRobin Stiles
journal_no 24EditorialCoverpublish_date1991
Rogers and Co. Bristol BoilermakersMartin Bodman
Bristol References from Old Local NewspapersRobin Stiles, John Cornwell & Eric Taylor
journal_no 25EditorialCoverpublish_date1992
Romano-British Industry at Stonehill, Hanham, BristolMike Bone
Archives and MuseumsR Angus Buchanan
BIAS: Successes and Failures over Twenty-five YearsEve Harnmersley
Brickmakers of AvonRon Fullagar
Hop HouseMartin Bodman
Mills at StapletonOwen Ward
Millstones at Willsbridge MillAnthony Burton
Not just the Great BritainMike Chapman
Royal Commissioner par excellencePriston ‘Coal Adventure’ 1792-94
Keith FalconerJohn Bartlett
The ‘Snuff Mill’ at StapletonRobin Bluhm
The Somerset Coal CombinationJames Fussell
The View of DulcoteMartin Bodman
journal_no 26EditorialCoverpublish_date1993
Woollard TanneryPeter Lamb
100 Years of Public Electricity Supply in BristolRobert Bell
A Horizontal Steam Engine in the Centre of BathMike Chapman
A Postscript to the Priston ‘Coal Adventure’Brenda Buchanan
A view of the “Jolly Sailor” at SaltfordPeter Lamb
Early Lighting for the Amateur Stage in BristolKate Werran
Limpley Stoke MillMonty Ellis
Marconi and Weston-super-Mare
Marconi and Weston-super-Mare download update
Martin Bodman
Mills along the Congresbury Yeo and its TributariesHarold Nabb
Notes on the Site of Canons Marsh GasworksPeter Addison
journal_no 27EditorialCoverpublish_date1994
Winford Ochre and OxideTrevor Bowen
A Short History of the RN Coate Cider Works, NailseaRoy Day
Canons Marsh Goods ShedStuart Burroughs
Enterprise in Precision Engineering (Horstmann)Martin Bodman
Mills on the Winford BrookGeoff Wallis & A Wilkinson
Restoration of Cleveland Bridge in BathAlan Hardiman
Servicing the Houses of Bath 1714-1830; Water SupplyNicholas von Behr
The BD1, The Most Perfect [Dredger] by Far in the WorldR Angus Buchanan
journal_no 28EditorialCoverpublish_date1995
The Bristol Floating HarbourMike Bone
Boulton & Watt Steam Engines in Bristol and BathMonty Ellis
Bristol and the Optical TelegraphMarek Lewcun
Excavations on the Site of an Aerated Water Manufactory at the Empire Hotel, BathMike Chapman
The Chimney in Milk Street, BathPeter R Mounfield
The Footwear Industry in the South-West of EnglandHarry C Dommett
The Nailsea Coalfield – Phase 1Jessica Lawrence
journal_no 29Coverpublish_date1996
The Restoration of Saltford Brass MillJohn Penny
Ballooning in the Bristol Region: 1784 – 1786: the Opening Chapter in the History of
Local Manned FlightRobin Stiles
Bristol and the Optical Telegraph: Further DetailsCedric Blackett
Bristol’s Arc Lighting: A Technical NotePeter Lamb
Electric Arc Lamps in BristolRaymond Holland
Fertilisers, Farming and Philanthropy: An UpdateMartin Bodman
Mills on the Cam and Midford BrooksSteph Gillett
Rolls-Royce West WorksAlan Hardiman
Servicing the Houses of Bath 1714 – 1830; Sewage and Rainwater DisposalOwen Ward
journal_no 30Coverpublish_date1997
Winwood & Co, BristolMike Chapman
A Trial Excavation of the Suspected Site of the Caisson Lock, Combe Hay, 1997John Cattall
Avonside ironworks, BristolDavid Brown
Bristol’s Ruby On TrialOwen Ward
Frenchay Iron Company, 1776-1780Trevor Fawcett
Mechanical Enterprise in Eighteenth-Century BathMike Chapman & Elizabeth Holland
Stothert’s Foundry, Southgate Street’ BathRay Holland
journal_no 31EditorialCoverpublish_date1998
Under His Own Sheets: The Lysaght StoryMartin Bryan-Brown
Charles Nash (1819-1901) and the Port of BristolGillian Bedingfield
Congesbury’s Mills and the Iron IndustrySheila Ely
Emergency Recording of the Malthouse at Clearbrook Farm, Midford HillJH Bettey
Graffin Prankard: An Eighteenth-Century Bristol Merchant and the Baltic TradeAngus Buchanan
John MosseHarry E Dommett
The Early Years of the Nailsea GlassworksKen Gibbs
The Firefly Project: An UpdateRBJ Smith & MJ Breakspear
The Ochre Mines and Works at Wick, South Gloucestershire